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As soon as I saw this book’s cover I knew two things:

1. I was going to love reading it, and

2. I was going to hate myself for the next few months for not having thought up that title for my own use. Damn damn damn damn damn.

Long story short, it’s published by Bloomsbury (mine own publishers!) and it’s edited by Kathy Belden (mine own editor)! so I knew it was a gem, so of course I pre-ordered it from Barnes and Nobel and then I began to stalk the author checked out the author’s website.  As luck would have it, Steven Kotlerwas going to have a book event in Port Washington, New York (mine own neighborhood!) so I glommed onto him contacted him and offered to show him the sights of the Long Island Sound.

So yes, I’ve met him in person and heard his wonderful talk about Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life, and I’ve read this book and cried and vowed that one of the things on my Bucket List is now Get A Dog.

Because  if I could start my day like this (click on link below) I would be a saner, fitter, more highly-evolved human being who could serenely take Sara Palin to be the carbunkle on the butt cheek of civilization that she is.

If you have the heart to open yourself to the ramifications of being on a co-evolutionary path with our companion animals here on Earth, leave a Comment to this post and the first person to correctly identify the emotion on that sweet little dog’s face (see book cover, above – and I know the right answer because Steven Kotler told me) will win an autographed copy of A Small Furry Prayer.

You can see more about Rancho Chihuahua here:

And yes, I forgot to post this earlier today. In fact, I forgot that it was Blog Day altogether — something that I’ve never done in the three years that I’ve been giving the world a piece of my mind. I’m so wrapped up in the final revisions of That Damn France Book this week, working non-stop from sun up till cocktail time, that I’ve let a lot of things slide (housework, laundry, grooming, sleep, etc.). I think I’ll make my Dec. 1 deadline (I think I ca, I think I can, I think I can) but only if I keep up this pace.

AND my damn camera broke. So I had to send it back to Texas (which is strange; it’s a Japanese camera) and I had to post-pone my big Midnight Snack adventure. I feel naked without my camera, and not in a good way.

AND my mind is so oblivious to the world and so obsessed with work and deadlines and To Do Lists and finding warranty paperwork for appliances that this morning when I finished brushing my teeth I realized that I’d used Top Cat’s toothbrush by mistake. [Sound of me, screaming Gross Gross Gross Gross Gross, as I dance in circles looking for a way to turn back time.] Anyone who knows me knows how much I abhor, detest, and am thoroughly disgusted by cooties, that I live my life in constant vigilance against any and all cooties big and small, and that no cootie is too hypothetical not  for me to be completely freaked out by.

As I gargled with boiling Listerine to sanitize the cootie-breeding ground, I tried to shake myself out of my brain fog, tried to give myself a wake up call to Wise Up. And still, it wasn’t until 3;15 this afternoon that I realized it wasn’t Thursday. That’s when I turned on the radio for the first time all day and heard that NPR was broadcasting their weekly program called Science Friday. Gee, that’s odd, I thought; They’re putting Science Friday on the air and it’s only Thursday….Oh, wait….. Oh f@*@*@*@*@*@*@*….

So I’m sorry for missing our rendez-vous this morning, I’m sorry for not having photos from Roslyn’s own Landmark Diner to show you, and I’m really sorry for using Top Cat’s toothbrush. Oh jeeze, I just hope I don’t come down with Cootie Face Decaying / Teeth Falling Out / Brain Leaking Thru My Ears Disease.

Say a small, furry prayer for me.

17 comments to The dog ate my blog.

  • “Uhoh, I didn’t mean to do that; I am a bit worried you are angry with me” is what he’s saying.

  • You’re too funny. I’m a bit of a cootie freak myself. I’m guessing the dog is thinking ” Thank you for saving me!”

  • Jacquelyn

    And I wondered if I missed Friday…or it was really Thursday. See how much power you have, we, the readers are the pussy cats of your life.
    This doggie face looks to me to be the sad face of rejection. no, wait a minute…shame?

  • I think he’s saying/thinking ” I really want that dog biscuit and if I look pitiful enough I’ll get it.”
    If I read that book I’m going to want a dog, too, in fact I already do but I’m feeling overwhelmed with my six cats, Nancy’s dog who comes to the office everyday along with Nancy’s daughter’s ancient blind/deaf/incontinent dog. But I’d still like to read it.

  • Deborah

    Contrition? It looks like the look I get from my big furry prayers when I say, “What’d you do?” in an accusing voice. Sammy, our youngest standard poodle, weighed in at 62 lbs. the other day. Oof!

    The biggest gross out reaction I’ve ever had was when I realized I’d put my husband’s contact lenses in by mistake. I mean, I welcome his mouth cooties on a daily basis, but eye cooties? not no-way, not no-how.

  • emily m

    My thought was just “Please….”

  • I think that this little dog looks quite bemused!
    (Never had a dog myself so this is just a guess…)

  • I’ll go with reproach. I have seen on this on my parents’ dogs’ faces enough times when I refused to take them to the store with me..Or made them wait in the car. Once Mom’s dog Wally locked me out of the car,(paws on the door locks) then proceeded to lean on the horn…

  • Joan/Jesse

    We rescue Golden Retrievers, specifically, ones that others don’t want or are elderly dogs. This changed our lives significantly, let me tell you. Even tho’ we don’t run the hills/mtns in our area, (we’re in our 70′s) the dogs are taken to the local park daily, weather permitting.

    I would say that this dog is feeling fear and worthlessness, the bottom of the pecking order. I believe that dogs know they’re about to die, that they smell/know death. The thought of this nearly makes me ill.


  • I think the ears, downward, say something. I’m not a dog person, but I love all animals.
    I don’t know the mind of little guys like this one, but I feel he’s not happy.
    Usually, we see pix of dogs with the ears “up”, alert, happy.
    You think?

    I await your answer on Monday, Vivian

  • Joan/Jesse

    I’m going to edit my response. I believe this is worry/upset/uneasy.

  • Nadine

    Ooh, Emily beat me to it. I think the pooch is asking “Please . . .”

  • That dog is concerned. That is my interpretation.

  • Carol

    He is asking for acceptance.

  • Carol’s correct. He’s new, and uneasy with the others. His look is of submission, not fear exactly. What a sweet little doggy face.

  • Barbara Lemme

    Is he saying “Oops, I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?” Poor baby. I was off a day this week too, so I missed your Thursday posting by 2 days!

  • Barbara Lemme

    Sorry…The posting should have read “He is saying….”

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