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We did not know anything about a blizzard heading our way on the Long Island Sound until we heard about it on the Sunday morning news. 800 flights canceled! 1400 flights cancelled! 2000 flights cancelled! Winds at 50 miles per hour! Road crews on 24-hour alert!  Travel warnings on all major highways on Long Island! Snow falls of 24 inches!

(This is Bibs [see above], sitting in the cosy feral cat hutch in the backyard, looking out at them white flakes coming down from the sky.)

It started to snow at 10 in the AM. So I got my Champagne-O-Meter set out in the backyard, with his friend Mr. Snowy for company:

One hour later:

Two hours later”

And then me and Top Cat had to go out to a family get-together (there was going to be cake, otherwise we would have stayed home in our burrow) and did not return until 8:30Pm.:

And when we woke up the next morning I had to dig to find the Champagne-O-Meter and his friend Mr. Snowy:

My husband, Top Cat, is in charge of shoveling out the driveway and sidewalks. I am in charge of shoveling a path from Bib’s hutch in the backyard to our back door (just because there’s 20 inches of snow on the ground doesn’t mean that a feral cat has to miss breakfast):

And there’s always snow birds bird-dogging the cat food:

But the best part of waking up this morning was waking up to a SNOW DAY! All Summer long I dream of snow. All Fall I have counted the days until Winter. And all these six days of Winter I have wished and hoped for a SNOW DAY.

Snow Days are those days when everything you do — make a pot of tea, find a good book to read, put on your favorite DVD, turn up the volume on your favorite CD — becomes a matter of psychological survival. To tell the truth, all these little activities that we do to stay sane on every other day are just as important, but never more so or more validated than when we are cooped up under two feet of snow on a SNOW DAY.

For instance, I had an idea come to me about two weeks ago. It was a wacky idea that popped into my head as a vision, without explanation, out of nowhere, when I wasn’t even thinking of anything remotely connected to it. And today I’m going to fiddle with it, and it’s going to seem dignified and creative because I’m keeping busy and productive on a SNOW DAY.

I have a small collection of bird’s nests — three beautiful birds’ nests that I’ve found along my walks in the suburbs. And I also have a collection of vintage Christmas tree ornaments — ornaments for a tree that I never put up (us Druids don’t really “do” Christmas).

And my vision combined the two. This way:

So, Dear Readers, what are you going to do today to make the most of your SNOW DAY, today and every day?

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  • Jacquelyn

    Tears came to my eyes when I reached the photo of the cardinal. I have never seen one except in pictures in a book. Your red bird in your own tree was exciting.
    It was literally an over the top snow day for you!!

  • Jen

    Yeee-haw!!!! Snow, finally! I love your Champagne Snow-o-meter. That’s such a great idea. And I like the shiny glass ornaments in the nests. Good way for a Druid-y person to enjoy shiny holiday baubles. :-)

    My snow day partner and I dug ourselves out this morning but it’s still snowing. I’m “busy” reading recipes from one of this year’s best cookbooks, “Around My French Table” by Dorie Greenspan. So much deliciousness and all quite simple, do-able and wine/champagne friendly!

    I’ll probably also go for a snowshoe in the woods in a little while.

    Enjoy your snow day, Vivian!


  • Barbara Lemme

    Being a former Jersey girl living in the AZ desert, I love to look at the snow pics and actually any pics from the eastern US. But today I have to start reorganizing my work space in the corner of our bedroom and start on a bookmaking (book binding) project for next week. Time to give stuff away again.. or at least make new piles.

  • Ann

    Several times, when I was a child, the tree we chose came with a bird’s nest built in it. Those were our favorite trees, and my mother often saved the nest. Subsequently, as part of our tree decorating, we would re-position at least one nest and fill it with a bird ornament. Alas, in my most frequent move, the last bird nest was lost. Thank you for the reminder. I’m on the prowl for a nest so that next year’s tree will be even better. Hard, because each Christmas tree is, traditionally, “the best tree ever!”

  • Did your male cardinal have his female mate with him? I love seeing them in winter and miss them now that we live in NYC. (Although they must be around here somewhere.)

  • Champagne-o-meter brilliant, agreed.

    Why, I’m going to write. And nap. Thank you.

  • Vivian, add this to your list of blessings. Birds with such beautiful feathers, right in your yard.
    And all you have to do is get the camera. We who live in apartments where there is no chance of seeing such beauty wish we could trade.

    And the CATS. Well, need I say more?
    Thank you every day you share these things with us.

  • Deborah

    Love the bird nest decorations. Do you know what birds built them? Do you have Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird’s Nests? It’s the kind of book I like to thumb through on snowy days.

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