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Another Winter storm on its way, another Champagne-O-Meter:

 Good thing we live on Long Island, that is to say in the Greater New York City area, because hen the weatherman here says it will start to snow at 7PM, it starts to snow at 7PM.     Sharp.

That is, 7PM after dark , which is why I only have these Before and After pics of the Champagne-O-Meter:

Good thing the dining room window has such a lovely view of the morning sun…

…good thing the dining room has a good watcher on duty.

And lo, from out of the woods in the backyard…

…comes roaming a lone ranger…

…name of Lucky…

…looking to rustle up a little breakfast.

Good thing Bibs doesn’t have thumbs and hence cannot be expected to shovel his share of the walkway.

Good thing Bibs been showing up for three squares at my house and has a gut that can double as a plow when he has to get to his hutch:

Good thing:

Very good thing:

(That’s a femalecardinal, by the way, fluffing out her feathers to keep warm. She has normal-sized wings, but they are tucked up to their little bitty feather tips. Cute.)

The only thing bad about this Snow Day was that it came on a Wednesday, which is one of the two days of the week that our library’s used book store is open for business, which means that I still have 104 books stacked up in the front hall waiting to be taken to their new home (in our library’s used book store).

Books that made the cut, that are worth their weight in psychic clutter and are still on my shelves, are: books that were given to me as gifts, books that I bought second-hand because they have a touching inscription on the title page to and from people who are complete strangers to me (Kindle THAT), and books that bug the crap out of me because they got great reviews and yet they stink. I have a complicated relationship with my books.

Today I finished the last bookcase; I’ve gone through everything in my work room now (the closet, the three bookcases, the two desks, the one bureau). Tomorrow I will go through the linen closet. I had to store about 50 books there when I ran out of space in my book cases and for some reason, it’s always annoyed Top Cat that half the linen closet was filled with books.

I’m still waiting, though, for that one thing that shows up when you’re doing a thorough house cleaning, that one thing that you find that you thought was long lost and all gone and was nothing but a small pang of regret.

I want to find that onething, whatever it is, which I hope is my moonstone ring that  I took off to clean a cat box in 2003 and never saw again. Only, that was when I lived in my old apartment in Westchester so chances are slim-ish that it will show up in any of these eight rooms on Long Island, but I know just enough about quantum physics to know that it isn’t impossible.

But still: every purge (thanks for that word, Deborah) has to have its  miraculous find. And when I find mine, I’ll photograph it for sure.

What would you most like to find hidden deep in the most unlikely place in your house?

11 comments to Long Island Colding

  • I had a small shard of old china I found on a much-loved beach. The piece of china had the letter “S” on it and was wonderfully worn and soft. I used to carry it around in my pocket, and lost it one day somewhere between the garden and the washing machine. I wish it would turn up.

    Funny, when I sort my books, I give away what you seem to be keeping. Gifts, novels I hated…

  • sallylynch

    I love your pictures, the cats, beautiful cardinals, and the views from your house of the snow on the trees. Very nice. No snow here, but if there were, I imagine I’d be doing what your cat on the couch is doing. Hope you find your ring.

  • Maryann

    Oh, such a good question. I could go on for days…
    >What would you most like to find hidden deep in >the most unlikely place in your house?

  • Rachel

    vivian, dont let the word get out that you have such a crew of intellegent cats. You will be driving them to the court house all the time.

  • Joan

    I will continue to purge no longer needed things from this house where I’ve lived for 33 years. Lord knows what buried in the dark recesses of my walk-in closet. I don’t recall having lost anything that I treasured. I had a delightful surprise one day while knitting with my group of friends, The Knit Twits…opened a little day planner that I’d found in a drawer and decided would be good for keeping track of knitting projects, opened up a little flap in the back and found a $100 bill neatly folded inside. I have no recollection of having put money aside, especially in that little notebook. This is something I NEVER do. I always have a running total of how much money I have at any given time, all bills are in order of value, facing the same direction…probably a case of OCD, huh? Needless to say, it was like Christmas in July. I treated myself to something grand, a leather satchel handbag that I’d been lusting after.

  • Carol

    Joan-This is too funny. I came across money in a pocket one day of my pant that I know had been through the machine I don’t know how many times and found $20. I was shopping with my sons girlfriend at the time and we decided to have a nice lunch on this lucky $20.
    I just don’t use my jean pockets, so I never check them, but if I recall they seemed to be poking me and i was going to straighten out the fabric.

    I purged my house a couple years ago so I had a room to store all MY things that I like to tinker with in and then my son promptly moved back home(lovely economy).
    I no longer have my own room, but it has been cleaned out nicely and everyone is once again employed.

  • You got the lady friend. Good work! I found a lost cup when I cleaned out my closets last week. It made the entire job worthwhile.I hope you find your moon ring. I don’t know what a moon ring is but it sounds very aquarian. By the way, my husband was quite the trekkie in his day. He would have loved your starship.

  • Jacquelyn

    maybe it is the sign of a good writer when you think what has been written, (painted and/or photographed) is JUST FOR YOU. I can’t get enough cat tracks in the snow nor red birds on the bough. I don’t know if that is the same bird each time you take it’s picture….is it Carl, Chet, Chaz, Curt?….yeah, Curt and his beatufiful lady, Claudia, in her buff duff ….oooooh, camel caramel feather dress. She is gorgeous. What a pair.
    Last year I just had a hunch you had a birthday in January….not sure what I read or saw that prompted that….so this year I looked in WWCTR and sure enough your January calendar has circled the 16th. So a very Happy Birthday to you and many thanks for another snow day on Long Island. I consider it a birthday present for moi, 11 days later than you, and I am going to print it out and post it somewhere special in my

  • Deborah

    During an MRI (aka torture chamber) yesterday, I had about 40 minutes to fill — these images of the shoveled path came back to me, and evoked images of all the paths my husband has shoveled for our dogs. The things we do for love!

  • I’d like to find some old letters my father wrote me. I prized those things tremendously but in one move or another the box got lost. They should have been stored in a unique box – one that could never be mistaken for something else. If I ever get a letter again :) it will be clearly identified as a treasure.

    The cat gut trail is incredibly funny. As are you.

  • Marina W

    Some things that come to mind:

    the cookery notes made by my Uncle when he was a cook in the RAF.

    the partially made hexagon quilt piece I did as a teenager.

    a spindle whorl I used to have before I knew what it was.

    I may one day find the last item…I know I won’t be finding the first two.

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