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I feel like such a writer today!

Because I don’t have any urge to write. That is, now that the Damn France Book is done (all over except for the Fat Lady’s song) I have no desire to sit down and write another word.

I just spent three years hacking away at the English language, picking at it with my dull blunt instrument clutched in my hammy fists, desecrating and skewering the life out of every half-decent thought that crossed my mind, stabbing at it until it gave up trying to be Perfection  glowing like the light of a thousand suns, and settled for being a muddy blob of As Close As I Can Get.

I like everything about writing except for the actual act of writing. Which, if you’re following closely, means that I really don’t like much at all about writing. It’s too hard! It takes so long! It gets put in a book that Borders mis-shelves in Self-Help!

(I’m depressed about not having a hot new writing project at the moment, and I best express sadness by having a temper tantrum. )

(That’s another one of my vintage LP album covers. )

I’m going to try to get two or three or — gasp! — four good nights of sleep in a row, try to think good thoughts about a  Hot New Writing Project.

O Wise Owl of the Jewelry Box, give me a word. And then give me about 44,999 more (just a short book next time).

Thank you.

(These are the keepers. The one on the far left reminds me of a nutty tortoishell cat I once had, a cat so homely I called her The Lemur Baby. I adored that damn cat.)

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  • Deborah

    I guessed 2 out of the 4 keepers right (the 2 on either side)

    Cats. Seriously, cats. For your HOT NEW WRITING PROJECT, I’m a dog person, but I love your cat stories, and names. I mean, Lemur Baby made me laugh out loud. I think maybe one of its offspring lives near us & hangs out in our yard, taunting our dogs. It’s so ugly, it’s adorable.

  • Carol

    You made some wise choices on the owl jewelry you kept! I love the one with the white breast and eyes.
    CATS are a good subject for a book.
    SCOTLAND is a good subject for a book!
    SLEEPING BEAUTY is a good subject for a book for EVERYONE to read, not just privately publish!
    A 100 YEAR OLD FARMHOUSE would be a good subject for a book.
    Serving in the Peace Corps in NIGER would be very interesting.
    Happy Weekend!!!

  • Sallyann

    Cats! I so agree with the others. Writing about cats should be a piece of cake for you.
    If you want to start on something smaller, how about writing the letter you told me you were going to send. LOL

  • Susie

    Cats get my vote, I’d love to see your watercolor illustrations to go with your winsome words.
    Or Cats in Scotland? That Damn Cats in Scotland book….has a certain ring to it. Or cats in the rain?
    I’m glad you kept that owl that looks like your Lemur Baby cat. It makes me smile just to see it….
    Is it Spring yet in your part of New York state? Here in the top of the Southern Tier there are still a few grubby snow piles….

  • At the risk of sounding redundant everyone is right about the cats – that would make a fantastic book and you would keep it from being too cute. I mention the cute factor because I just did a search on cat books and it’s slim pickings. I mean really, cats certainly deserve their own “A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life” or “Wesley the Owl.”

    There’s a nice book titled “Wabi Sabi” by Mark Reibstein. It’s visually inventive and formatted in unexpected ways (reminiscent of a Japanese scroll) as well as being the sparely told story of a cat named Wabi Sabi seeking the meaning of her name.

    You could have such fun with this topic. Because it’s not just cats but the whole way of life that comes with cats. Life with cats includes things like: comfy sofas/chairs, sipping tea while being held down by a cat (it’s the new “way of tea”), reading for hours with a cat on your lap, kitty head butts, the delicate pain of their claws when they’re training you, the way they look at you and then slowly blink their eyes (someone once told me this is a sign of affection), the way they wake you too early/late, the way they may love you, but you’re always their staff, how truly magnificent they are and so on.

    I appreciate how life with cats is about living alongside an animal that will never be fully tame (domestic, but not domesticated). I think that’s why so many people don’t like cats – they want to control that wildness, they hate a cat’s I-don’t-care-what-you-think-or-want attitude.

    Your cat book could be organized in many ways. One approach would be the four seasons of cats, how they act and look at different times of year and what that evokes in those of us lucky to be around them. And/or you could play with the idea of how we enter their/our own private countries (a bit the way you talked about the country of Pawsylvania).

    And you already have a bunch of wonderful cat stories from this blog. In addition to that you could consider cats in art, look at the differences between your “fierce”/backyard cats vs. “tame”/indoor cats, tell us about cat breeds (something I know nothing about), cat rescue (I hear about dog rescue/rehab all the time), what kinds of people/cultures/countries love cats and anything else that catches your fancy.

    Woven into the book would be (of course) tea, art, walks, colors, seasons and mindful living. After all, if any one knows how to life in the present moment it’s a cat.

  • I’ve been to Scotland 5 times. One thing I remarked about was that I NEVER saw a cat out on the streets, and I hardly ever saw one sitting in a window.
    And, I was LOOKING for cats. I love them.
    Maybe it’s too cold and damp for them. dunno…….

  • Nadine

    “That Damn Cat” is the perfect title for your next book.

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