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I wasn’t near a TV when Diana married Charles. I was living in West Africa and I got news of the world via the international edition of Newsweek magazine every Tuesday. So I was out of the loop on that fateful day in July, 1981.

But once I got back to America I was hooked on Diana. I got the idea to wear my red skirt with my pink jacket from her.

And when she sold her dresses at Christie’s auction house, I had left the business but still knew peole there who got me in after hours so Icould wander the galleries and visit each gown one-on-one. Little did I know that she’d be dead in two months, or else I would have grabbed one of those sale catalogs that are collector’s items that go for $400 on eBay these days.

But I’ve been glued to the TV all evening, watching the reports from London about The Wedding of the Century (bad call: I’m sure that one of these days, one of the heirs to the English throne is going to marry a first cousin, a divorcee, a Jewess, a film star, an amputee, one of the Grimaldi sluts, or an Olympic shot putter and THAT will be The Wedding of the Century) and I have tears running down my face. I so wish that Diana could be here to see her William marry that nice girl, Kate.

That’s so not like me. I don’t even like weddings. I refuse to go to any more weddings (I always use the excuse that “I’m on a deadline” because nobody wants to hear that you don’t want to spend a day in your finite life wearing clothes you hate, to hang out with people who bore you to tears, to watch some dopes who have a 50-50 chance of being together in five years prance around as if they were turned into film stars for a day). I don’t like the ceremony, the food, or the small talk at weddings. I dislike wedding so much that when Top Cat and I got married I didn’t invite anyone to our elopement (I thought I was doing everyone a favor) except my sister told me that she wouldn’t ever believe I’d got somebody to take me on unless she saw it with her own eyes, so she came.

But I’m very sentimental about this May or May Not Be Wedding of the Century.

Because it might be the last Royal Wedding I’ll ever live through.

Because I remember being young (William and Kate are both 29, the age when I first thought I was old).

Because I miss the ’80s.

Because Diana would have been so proud.

Because I remember when William was a tubby little baby and I remember thinking “One day he’s going to be grown up and make a Princess out of somebody” , and now that day is here and it was supposed to never come (Hey Time’s Arrow! I was kidding!)

Because Queen Elizabeth, the Groom’s grandmother, was 55 years old when her son Charles married Diana.

Because that’s the age I am now.

Because today I looked in the mirror and had a revelation. It’s not that I was having a bad hair day, it’s not that I was tired, it’s not that the lighting was harsh, it’s not that I was wearing a particularly hideously unflattering hue. I look the way I look because I’m Queen Elizabeth, c. 1981.

 Because they re-ran that episode of The Office tonight when Michael Scott proposed to Holly, and that made me cry too.

It doesn’t take much.

Happy Wedding, everyone.

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  • Greetings from the UK, home of the wedding of the century…?
    Great post – like you, I can’t stand weddings and never go to them if it can be avoided. Of course, it is harder for me as I am not a famous authour and so do not have the excuse of being ‘on a deadline’.
    Never mind the actual wedding – my little frisson of excitement comes when all those beautifully uniformed guys come marching along the rout!

  • Marina W

    I am in the UK also, and have spent today watching The Wedding. I can so empathise with your feelings about this wedding and looking back to the wedding of the Late Princess of Wales and Prince Charles. I feel full of optimism and hope despite wondering where all that time went between the first wedding and today’s one.

  • patty

    I woke up at 130 a.m. (West Coast here) to watch the wedding. It’s so amazing to see the insane amount of planning that must have gone into it, and it was all beautiful and thrilling to see how many people came together for something happy.
    Like you, I thought, “Will I see another royal wedding like this?” since I did see Diana and Charles, too, but maybe! If it’s another 30 years, I hope I will look good like the Queen does – and Philip looks great, also! Here’s hoping and I wish William and Kate much happiness.
    Yes, I shed a tear, but I do that at all weddings, even on tv.

  • I watched the w h o l e thing from 4 a.m.
    The only time I got a tear was when they sang/played “God Save the Queen” or whatever it was that sounds like “MY Country ’tis of Thee”.
    Next one is Harry. He’ll marry the trashy looking blonde who was at the wedding with the off the shoulder number and blonde blonde hair.
    Wouldn’t he look nice with Catherine’s sister Pippa?
    Vivian, you hit the right mood of everybody today.

  • Nadine

    I did not get up early to watch the wedding but I turned it on as soon as I was up for the day. Kate looked lovely and I think they’re really in love. As the Brits say “Good on them.”

    I love weddings and I go to every one I’m invited to. Being happily married myself, I guess I enjoy seeing two people on their happiest day as they become each other’s closest relative. Who says you can’t choose your family?

  • JOAN

    Being that I am from the era when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, I can remember when Queen Elizabeth married Phillip! Yep, I’m an old hen. I watched all 3 Royal weddings from start to finish. If I remember correctly, Elizabeth’s wedding was the first televised event of its kind…a breakthrough day. She looked just as lovely as a bride as Diana and Kate…not so much a beauty, but quite elegant.

    This young couple….I hope they aren’t going to be constrained by all the protocol of Royal life. The constant blitzing by the vulture papparazzi, subject to the stiff, rigid life of Queen Elizabeth…if the movie starring Helen Mirren gave a true glimpse into that boring world.

    I have to admit to loathing weddings…utterly boring, IMHO. The only one I enjoyed attending was my son’s and now he’s getting divorced after 13 years…

    I did enjoy watching each of these Royal weddings very much…such handsome young people, I hope their future is as bright and beautiful as they are.

    Did you see the get-ups on Fergie’s daughters? Oh, dear…the one wore a hat that looked like a pretzel! The other looked like she was in some sort of Star Trek costume. Their Mum wasn’t invited…Gee, wonder why?
    David Beckham looked very put together…his wife always looked like she’s pissed off at the world…what’s up with that? Wasn’t she one of Goo Goo Dolls or some wacky group? And why would you wear black to a wedding? She looked gaunt and scarey. Oh, how could I forget Princess Anne? Looked her dress was made from some leftover 1940 print wallpaper. A beauty she isn’t, poor thing…looks like her father.

  • LOVE this gossip about the wedding, as WE saw it.

    I remember sitting around the radio to listen to E’s wedding. I don’t think it was televised.
    But,we didn’t have TV til 1954 at my house.
    See, there are some us who are older than dirt here.
    GooGoo doll’s dress was dark navy,they said. I had the same reaction.Looked black.
    Dave Beckham’s medal was worn on the wrong lapel, a snarky reporter said.
    Many strange hats.B&E’s hats were off the wall.

    Beautiful wedding. Handsome couple.

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