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Which is funny, because I don’t even have a dog.

It’s the usual story: Six-year old computer, too many downloads of cute cat pictures from suspect interweb sites, a thousand spam messages from people in Nigeria begging to give me money every day… even stuff from a Christian Singles dating site (which I did NOT fall for!)

Anyhoo, dear readers, we have to haul ourselves OUT OF THE HOUSE and get us a new computer, which will happen as soon as I see the finale of the Real Housewives of New York, that is, when there’s nothing good left to watch on TV and I’ll be so desperate for entertainment that I’ll go take a look at what’s for sale in them stores that sell computer stuff.

Until then, I must avoid further use of this damn machine because it crashes every other day and it frightens the cats to hear me swear, so loudly, and for so long.

Stay tuned, please: I’ll be back on-line as soon as, you know, I find out if Ramona and Jill can ever be friends again (if they ever were in the first place). (That’s New York Housewives talk, in case you’re wondering.)

Really: I’ll be back right quick. Probably by Friday. Or, so my crack team of computer specialists tell me:

13 comments to The dog ate my blog.

  • Tracey

    Buy a Toshiba. Do NOT buy Dell.

  • Susie

    Ha ha ha, buy a Mac, you can get a refurb on line, you don’t have to leave the house!

    They are NOT expensive when you factor in features, power, ease-of-use, stable, reliable, good customer service.
    We started with a PC, had 3, switched to Mac and haven’t looked back. We are a 2 Mac family, actually.

    No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

    Now, didn’t you figure your readers would have opinions for ya?

    And I haven’t had a single crash with all my cat pics, movies, animated gifs….downloads. Meow.

    Glad you guys are safe and sound….

  • I second what Susie says. Like her I made the switch to Mac and have never looked back. Good luck!

  • Tracey

    My only Toshiba problem came after my cat jumped on the keyboard and broke it.I suspect he would have caused asimilar problem with a MAC.

  • I have a MAC. Kitty walks across keyboard all the time. Not a problem yet.
    It cuts out SPAM before you even see it. You can go to SPAM when you have time to look thru SPAM.

    I’m jus’ sayin’………

  • Deborah

    Six is pretty old for a computer. We went through the same thing with our seven year old one earlier this year. Good luck shopping.

  • Nadine

    Get a Mac! Cat fur is no problem for them and they look cool.

  • Rachel

    good luck with this. Goodness, MAC needs to start advertizing their cat-proofedness. From what I can tell, this is a feature a LOT of people would appreciate.

    Will hold the fort while you are gone.

  • Carol

    Not a MAC fan

  • JOAN

    I was a PC user for years…in Jan. I got a MACBook Pro laptop. I love this thing…how did I get by without it. So much easier to use than PC/Windows. I love all things APPLE, well, not Steve Jobs, but I do love his vision…I sit in my recliner and type away, read email, surf the web, just love this thing.

  • Sally


    The get-a-Mac folks are right on. Mac’s are theoretically not entirely virus-proof, but most hackers are still making viruses for PC’s only. That’s a help. Then be sure you have security software (this sounds as if it is getting complicated, but at the Mac store, they will set you up. Macs have a firewall you can turn on, too).

    The Mac operating system is extremely stable, meaning few crashes.

    Mac’s are the favorites of people doing graphics.

    Apple INVENTED the Windows environment which Microsoft copied. The new Mac operating systems now have a lot of bells and whistles, but the basic stuff is still obvious–you can use your machine with little effort.

    An engineer friend, a brilliant man, made this comparison a couple of years ago, that at a company where he had to use a PC, it took an IT guy most of a day to set him up on the network. At another job, he set up his Mac himself in 20 minutes. Not that you are networking, but you get the idea.

    Best wishes, get a Mac!

  • Randi

    I used to have a Mac “back in the day” but switched to a PC because that’s what we use at work. I count it a good day when I don’t want to throw the damn thing through the window, and I never felt that way about my Mac. Wish I could afford to switch back.

  • Sandy

    Geeze, I guess I am not the only Mac Lover! for me it is the support too, Genius bar is FREE!

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