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What a day I’ve had.

I’m exhausted.

I schlepped into Manhattan late this afternoon to hand deliver the Damn France manuscript. This damn thing weighs a ton (well, 1/200th of a ton) and it was hot and I was so tired to start with, having worked until late last night betting the final bits in place.

People: I had to hand number every page. Which is not just a matter of jotting down the numbers 1-208 in consecutive order. I had to make a special template to put on each formatted page so I could position each numeral correctly, just a hair above the bottom trim, center page.

And it’s hard to make each numeral look beautiful. (2s and 6s are very tricky to get right.) I had to white-out a few, and then put scotch tape over the white-out before I re-drew the numeral — the scotch tape smooths the surface so I can make my number real purty.

Also, it’s not a very ergonomic procedure, putting little bitty numbers on one page after another after another after another. I was at it for four hours.

And then I wrapped it all up and schlepped it to Bloomsbury. I brought my camera and I took really great photos to document this momentous occasion, and to show you all the innards of a big time book New York book publishing company — I even went into the Publisher’s corner office and took pictures.

And then I walked up Broadway to the new happening hipster Ace Hotel on 29th Street and I took photos of its cool happening hipster coffee shop: Stumptown Coffee (shout out to all you Pacific Northwest hipsters).

And I am exhausted. So I’m sorry that you’ll have to wait until Monday to see the pix (friends, it takes hours to cull, crop, size, and position this many photos and I want to crawl into bed ASAP).

So for today, Get Away Day, here’s what it looked like on my patio the other day, when I was a tad late getting lunch out to my crew and the tribe gathered to collectively give me the Stink Eye:

Have a Great Weekend.

5 comments to Celebrate!

  • I don’t know HOW you do it all.
    Those kittys look like they really need a good meal.
    Good thing you got there when you did!

    Viv, you’re a marvel; and thanks for letting us know that the Damn France Book is one day closer to actually happening. I, for one, can’t wait.
    Can we order ahead of time, or must we wait for your go-ahead? Can we order from the Publisher, or, put in an order at Barnes and Noble?

  • I don’t see much stink eye going on in catville…I think they’re looking at you in awe!! I know I am!


  • Susie

    Your book adventures make me tired and give me brain cramps just reading about them….I don’t know how you do it.

    Your cats are sending you love beams and just asking you to sit with them, let them purr for you, rub happy smell on you and ease your nerves. Really. Maybe after you feed them…..

    YOU have the much deserved great weekend.

  • JOAN

    Hmmm, looks like that cat under the table is not only giving you the Stink Eye but also the Stink Butt! The little whippersnapper! The others look like they’re thinking: what’s she whining about now? Doesn’t she know she’s here to serve us food and treats…how lucky she is that we choose her yard to gather so she can admire us.

    I feel your writers cramp with all that hand numbering! Ouch. Surely there’s a less labor intensive way to do this? A book shouldn’t be that painful, especially at the end.

    Have yourself a good massage and manicure and pedicure…that will restore you to the human race….

  • Tracey

    They don’t want just food – they want high tea,with anchovy butter sandwiches.

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