Summer night

To Summer, hot nights, heartbeats, and halos.

One of the reasons I like to paint small pictures is because I think like a quilt maker. I like taking itty bitty bits and piecing them together to construct a larger narrative, like a quilt maker who selects a pattern and a color scheme before she begns to sew, but whose fabrics always come together in unexpected ways so that she is constantly surpsrised by the end result .

In 1990 I went to see some handmade quilts at The American Craft Museum in New York City. I watched a video there, a compilation of interviews with the quiltsmakers whose works were on view. One quiltmaker said something about her quilts that I have never forgotten, and I’ve been saving it up for almost 20 years waiting for a moment when I could use it — and I think I’ll take her words as the title to this composition (above, currently on display at The Manor Club in Pelha, Westchester County, NY):

She said that her quilts were made up of   “Units That Shimmer, No Matter How Small”.

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