A new leaf


Wait a damn minute: Is that a pun? IS THAT A  PUN?

I hate puns!  

There’s a guy on our local NPR station who has a daily two-hour talk show,   an insightful interviewer and charming, sonorous conversationalist.  I listen to him almost every day — I’m a big fan.  But he insists, every once in a while, on bringing the conversation to a screeching halt by making a “witty” pun.  I hate  that.

I especially hate that when it happens in real life. Punners: You Know Who You Are.

Let me make myself perfectly clear: Puns are nothing to be proud of.

I do not think you are clever because you’ve found some nit wit loop hole in the English language.

Small minds find making puns amusing, in lieu of creating the complex juxtapositions of logic, expectation, and surreality necessary to construct genuine humor.

When you make a pun, what are we supposed to do? Applaud?

Instead of standing there, in appalled confused silence, praying waiting for the moment to pass?

Puns are the verbal equivalent of a fart.

So please: NO PUNS.

The above  medley of my Summer notes (from WWCTR, of course) is from my exhibit of art work currently on display at The Manor Club in Westchester County, New York.  This will be the last pre-view that I’ll put up here because I’ve been doing this since Monday and I’m beginning to feel like a shill.

Oh, speaking of shilling: I have an announcement to make on December 1st. If you were reading my blog last year, you might be able to guess what’s coming; if you’re “new” to the Vivo Swift-a-Sphere, stay tuned.

4 comments to A new leaf

  • admin

    Oh boy, we cross swords on this one. I LOVE puns and my brain is so big it won’t fit in my head sometimes. So they are not just for the small minded.

    Puns can be really dumb, but they can also be hilarious and clever. I especially love visual puns. Did a whole cartoon book on them one time – Just picture the Salvador Deli, if you will.


  • Sandra Mosley

    As they say, “It takes all kinds…”

    I’m married to a Grand Punster (I don’t know about his brains, but he does have a big head). Have been for 29 years; so I say with confidence, I too love puns. I find them clever and funny.

    I’d love to see Jessica’s book of visual puns.

    On the other hand, I find practical jokes to be totally humorless.

  • I hate practical jokes and slapstick humor but I love puns especially when my two kids throw them around in front of my daughter’s in-laws who think they are so very smart but don’t catch on to any of the puns. That is fun. I admit to a tiny mean streak but hey, they said my daughter wasn’t all that smart when the truth is her IQ is higher than her husband’s.

  • Samantha

    Well I am in good company when I use puns.
    I’d gladly be classified with the following pun users:
    Ogden Nash, Shakespeare, Homer, James Joyce, Lewis Carroll…. not a small mind among them.

    Oh and let us not forget The Bible, yes there are even some puns in The Bible.

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