On the cusp of Winter


This is what it looks like on the outside:


We had a very balmy weekend here on the Long Island Sound — our last chance (we think) of taking a long walk at sunset to enjoy the scenery without getting frostbite. We’ve has such a lovely Fall here this year. . .



,. . . but in my house it’s already WINTER!


Yes, I’ve put my snowmen collection on display in the livingroom (in the built-in bookshelves on either side of the fireplace):


So you know what this means, right? Right?

Right! Meet me here tomorrow at 7AM Eastern Standard Time for my once-a-year Winter offer.

I’m in the mood for winter — how about you?

3 comments to On the cusp of Winter

  • Deborah

    I recognize some of those snowmen! I own several of the same…but I haven’t been able to work up the head of steam needed to go down in the basement and haul things up. Where do you get the energy: wait! I know! Tea and quince jelly, right? Must get me some.

  • Susun

    LOVE the snowmen collection! They’re always my favorite holiday “people” for sweetening the space, though I don’t have anything close to your wonderful crew. Merry, merry!

  • mary

    Beautiful pictures.
    Snowmen are wonderful > It took YEARS to collect them, I’m sure.
    What are the ferel cats in the back yard doing?
    We need to see how they expect to whether the Winter.
    You have a nice life there.

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