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Even in Winter, I love rainy days.

It’s been a very rainy week here on the Long Island Sound and I have loved it. I love the way that there is nothing about Winter that enhances the experience of rain.

It’s cold. The trees are bare, the shrubs are scrawny, the grass is dead, landscape is practically colorless with the bleak monotony of Winter. C. S. Lewis said that we never truly see light, we only see the slower things lit by it. The speed of light feels very slow on a rainy day. I love it. This is the purest rain day of the year. It’s days like these that teach you who you really are.

Being a person who loves rainy days, I like it that the weather dampens every one’s expectations of the day and of me.

I like it that nobody is waiting for me to accomplish anything in the rain-filled outside world.

I like it that the rain gives me permission to putter around in my own little universe.

I like my own company.

I like my memories.

I especially like my memories of other rainy days in far away places.

Little did I know, when I went to live there for a year…

…that it rains all the time in Paris in the Winter.

There is no better place than the day after day of cold grey Winter rain in Paris to teach you how to really love a rainy day.

There’s more rain in today’s forecast for the Long Island Sound. And the upcoming weekend looks like a washout too. Yippee.

Maybe this will be the weekend when I look hard and long and learn how to paint rain. (You might have noticed that each illustration above has a different kind of painted rain in it.)

Have a great rainy painty weekend, everyone.

7 comments to I love rainy days.

  • janet bellusci

    “I love the rain – it washes memories off the sidewalk of life.” Woody Allen

  • Your illustrations are just charming. I can feel the Paris rain on my face. Can’t wait for the book!

  • Rachel

    Wishing you a washout of a weekend, with nowhere you have to go and all different varities of rain to model for you.

  • Nadine

    What a coincidence! I just watched the new Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris” last night and it starts with a montage of scenes of Paris, many of them in the rain. The main character’s idea of heaven on Earth is Paris in the rain in the 1920s. The movie is not one of his best, but Paris has rarely looked better on film.

  • Deborah

    Il pleut. pleut sounds like rain feels to me.

    I never feel guilty for staying indoors to read on a rainy day: I always feel guilty for staying indoors on a sunny day.

    I enjoyed the opening scenes of Midnight in Paris because he shows different kinds of rain. Even my husband noticed.

  • Yes, it does. It’s been grey here since October. I like the rain but I’m ready for sun now!

  • Yes; yes; many people will be happy to see how you paint all kinds of rain. It must be difficult.

    Tell me again when the France Book will be out, so Ican get an order in at Barnes & Noble.

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