Light and Snow Show

Saturday, December 19: It started snowing at 2:30 in the afternoon.

This is my 11-inch snowman at 3:30:


4:30 (it was dark already by then):












And then I said “Oh, the hell with it. I’m not trudging out there in snow up to my knees.”

And first thing next morning, I went out in search of the disappeared snowman:


I had to dig him out from under 13 inches of snow.

It’s the First Day of Winter!

All us Druids are celebrating the Return of the Light.


There’s a shop in downtown Roslyn (where I live on Long Island) that sells Light, in its most materially beautiful forms.




I want those hot-air balloon chandeliers.

Happy Solstice, Everyone!

holiday card

(Scenes from the Long Island Sound, my holiday card for 2009)


Happy Chris — Hanu–Kwan–Solstice! The Return of the Light!

Now, go forth and LIGHTEN UP .

P.S. Pictures of the backyard cats (who were kittens last year — this is their first Winter as BIG cats) exploring the new landscape of snow are posted on the page “First Snow 2009″. Enjoy.

6 comments to Light and Snow Show

  • Jacquelyn

    It is 5min into Winter. And SOLSTICE. Even if I didn’t watch the clock, I could tell by your 13″ snowman. My sister, on her way from Charleston to Ohio on Friday night reports that kids were popping out of the cars, snowballing and making SNOWMEN on the freeway at 3:00 am. Usually takes them 12 hours….this time 29….
    I think my post and thank you for my first holiday card did not go thru….but my winter awareness is so heightened this year…I have followed your suggestion, go everywhere in the village to be part of the color, music, all round festivity and the LIGHT….bring it on…all so wonderful in a village setting. The crows know me now….fly to meet me as I empty compost or bring scraps for them.
    Happy Solstice….from your druid friend on an island across the continent.
    Oh, where are those cats? The pics you mentioned.?

  • Jacquelyn

    I found them….I found them!

    Some bit of snow shovelin there! Wow….and cats must have followed you out . Sweet

  • Barbara Lemme

    The snow is beautiful. I remember scenes just like this but I remember shoveling for years though so am enjoying our 70° weather in the AZ desert.

  • mary

    Love the pictures from the window in the shop.

    I see the cute little clown/snowman smile thruout his snow bath. Good photography.

    Every day I look forward to your blog.
    Your readers are writers, too. I can tell.

    It’s one of the high spots of my day…….

  • Yes, I’ve got to lighten up! lol. Okay I’ll go make some candy for everyone.

  • Suzanne B

    Thank you for your card Vivian – it was beautiful, even the lettering on the envelope. I saved them both! :-)

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