All us Druids are a little hung over today.

All that Solstice grog. Whew. All that Druid family drama. WHEW.

sled 003

It all started when crazy cousin Biff started to air his grievances.

sled 002

“Yo,” I said to crazy cousin Biff, “In this family, we keep the i in Druid in Solstice!

I really told HIM.


Ah, the holidays.

Happy Holidays, my dear readers, Happy Holidays.

I know how busy we all are, so I am holding off on the wordy posts until next week — that strangely dead time between Xmas and New Year’s — when I want to get all gooey and gratitudy and WORDY.

[Here's my Art Journal Tip of the day: when you want to do a series of forms (in this case, above, I wanted to do a series of sleds) the best way to find a lot of reference pix is eBay. Really. I got almost all of these sleds by capturing pix on eBay -- for sale on eBay. I love it.  Want to see what an old rotary phone looks like? Find it on eBay. Want to check what a sun dress from the 1940s looks like? Find it on eBay. Want to research the appearance of French perfume bottles? Look it up on eBay. I know, I know: What would you do without me telling you how the world works?]

Enjoy these last lightening days of December, everyone.

4 comments to All us Druids are a little hung over today.

  • Deborah

    I went to a workshop on art for/by handicapped people, and the wheelchair-bound fellow who spoke did a collage of all the wheelchairs he found on Craig’s list. It was interesting, especially when he pointed out how many of the photos had been taken outside — because so many people have messy houses that they don’t want others to see was his explanation.

    Hm. I feel stymied as to what I might want to look up though.

  • Enjoyed the light heartedness of this post. I’m visiting my daughter and although she and the kids are wonderful, we do have a hard time handling our son-in-law and something light hearted just now was well past needed!

  • mary

    Festivus. What a clever idea.
    The family gets to air their grievances.
    When can we do that without a CELEBRATION afterwards?
    I see Timaree is enjoying a Festivus.
    Good luck with that, Timaree.
    Thanks, Viv…

  • Susun

    Oh Vivian! Where were you when I REALLY needed you? I’ve been making a board book for my six-moth-old grandson, using the letters of his first name with drawings for each. I’m not enough of a free spirit artist (yet) to create good sketches from my imagination and my books were less than inspiring for reproduction. Never would have thought of eBay. Now I will, though the book is finally finished. Next time and thanks for the fun read.

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