Spam and Peas, Ice Cream and Pickles

Some things just go together.

Milk and cookies, pretzels and mustard, cream cheese and celery, Lennon and McCartney, butter and biscuits, etc.

And now, let me present to you,  Cinnamon (on the left) and Butterscotch (on the right).

My most delicious candy recipe is: Combine one Cinnamon Life Saver with one Butter Rum Life Saver for a taste treat that is as complex as long division and as much fun as watching your least favorite relative get so hammered at the holiday get-together that you can already hear the hang-dog hung-over apologies he’ll be whimpering the next morning: “Grandma, you know I didn’t mean it when I said that you can take your bossy know-it-all judgmental self and shove it up your hypocritical controlling butt, please don’t cut me out of the will.”  (Note to cousin Biff: Grandma always liked me best anyway.)

Yes, some things just go together: gin and tonic, Currier and Ives, shoes and socks, Sodom and Gomorrah, baseball and apple pie, marshmallows and camp fires, Hershey and kisses, end-of-the-year holidays and unresolved personal issues.

Try my Cinnamon and Butterscotch recipe. And let’s talk 2010 on Monday.

Until then, I cannot keep all this cuteness to myself:

That’s Butter. Chasing imaginary birdies in the snow. And after a hard day’s play, the backyard cats like to curl up in their rabbit hutch:

I customized this myself. I wrapped THREE tarps around it and I put up plexi-glass panels over the wire siding, and I hung up TWO down-filled sleeping bags inside and padded it all with floppy cushions so there is plenty of space to burrow in the corners and get cozy. But they always like to crowd around the doorway: that’s Lickety and Oscar (who counts as half-a-cat because he used to live in the backyard next door before I put up this cozy rabbit hutch and now he’s over here every day).

I also made up some cubbies in the garage:

That’s Taffy (above) in one of the cubbies, and that’s Butter (below), curled up in a non-cubbie box that happens to have one of our outdoor-seat cushions in it. 

It’s 20 degrees out there. How can that be comfortable? How?

It figures that I’d go to all the trouble of making up four little cozy cubbies in the garage and he’d pick the least cozy non-cubbie as his own.

And speaking of toruble, here’s Taffy, on his way out to look for some:


Have a great weekend, everyone. See you Monday.

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