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Right-sizing your life is tricky.

Thank you everyone for weighing in on last week’s poll: What Is The Right Size For My Next Book (the Damn Garden Book)?

Cat-wise, a little too small, I think.

You brought up a lot of issues that I had not anticipated — the need to see the work in the illustrations (naturally, all my readers fellow artists), the obsession with uniformity in keeping all the volumes the same size (what — are all you readers Capricorns???) versus the desire to be able to read a smaller book in bed (it seems that a lot of my readers take after Marcel Proust), and the first time I’ve come in contact with the word “petard” since high school English class (at least one of my readers aced Honors Shakespeare…).

Waaaaaaaaaay too big.

My editor at Bloomsbury is not in a rush to miniaturize the GENIUS THAT IS MOI, by the way. But she’s up for further discussion about just what is the right size book that gets taken seriously by the New York Times Book Review …

Waaaaaaaaaay too small, if that dude thinks he’s going to fit in the saddle.

…who might be overlooking my books because they assume, judging by their size, that they are books for children. Which really happened once, when I did a book event at Borders (did I ever tell you this story before?) for my first book and was herded to the Childrens department had to give my talk in front of a giant poster for Captain Underpants.

Waaaaaaaaaay CUTE. But too big to be taken seriously.

Sooner or later, we’ll figure out the right size.

It’s somewhere between Beatrix Potter and Serious Literature

AND speaking of Le Road Trip, if you’re not ca va with, please feel free to leave a review at Goodreads or the interweb/social media nexus of your choice (hell…go walk down Interstate95 screaming READ THIS BOOK!!!!!) and email me  with your address so I can put you on my exclusive, coveted ChrisHanuKwanSolstice list!!! (Hello First Time Readers!!! See two weeks’ ago post to decifer this!!!!)

So, putting my work world problems on the back burner for now, do you all realize that this is the last weekend in AUGUST already???

Oscar and Taffy, seizing the day.

There’s only a limited number of days of that Summer Je Sais Exactement Quoi left.

It’s in that certain quality of light…

Amazing grace.

…that enlightens…

Notice the bonsai in the window box!

…even as it illuminates the ordinary.

PLEASE take a walk this weekend, and keep an eye out for something EXTRAORDINARY. You never know what treasures you might find out there…

…even if it only looks like some piece of tissue-paper trash that got blown against a neighbor’s fence that got rained on and that got baked to a crisp for a few days until it was totally disintegrated by the forces of nature…

…there just might be something special in that muck:

Oh, if only I could not read English and could imagine that this fine calligraphy which is melded unto this frail fallen leaf spoke of enchantments and longing and eternal devotion and stuff.

Anything can happen if you meet it half-way — if you’re out there to let it happen — is all I’m saying.



12 comments to Size matters.

  • It’s true you like to find things:)

    The light has changed this week..It tells me that summer as I know it is over..Still sunny and warm but full swing ragweed..and the light..

    I think i did post my review on Goodreads..same time as my blog..but I will check..
    It will be my pleasure!
    I think the too small cat is adorable:)

  • Bunny

    Yes, you are right that anything can happen…and it will happen as well.
    I am a commuter, and I usually take the same train home each evening. I have noticed how much longer the shadows are now, and how much lower the sun, from a mere couple of weeks ago. But its not as if the summer goes to fast, its that life itself goes fast.
    So enjoy it as you can, for in the immortal words of Joe Louis, “you only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough”.

  • Oh, the leaf is a treasure. I, too, like to find little bits that make me smile. A feather or perhaps my favorite, an oak apple gall. I’m always bringing these little found objects home ~ little pleasures of a morning walk.
    I’m smiling at this post and also at the quote above in Bunny’s comment.
    ~ Enjoy the last bits of summer……….Sarah
    I’m a Capricorn. Guess you know how I voted. ;-)

  • I am in complete denial about September being around the corner!!
    I refuse.
    Love the calligraphie embedded leaf
    I will try to get out and walk somewhere that doesn’t lead to an ice cream cone.
    Maybe I too can find something to discover previously unoticed that isn’t a sesame ice cream cone…

  • Cheryl Carr

    Even though I live in a part of the USA where the winter weather can be brutal, I look forward to the “newness” of each season change. Each one is like a little rebirth. Nothing is ever stale. You are right–get out there and enjoy the end of the delightful summer, but look forward to the excitement of stepping into the beauty of fall. OK, I will need to remind myself of this post when I am shoveling snow in January! But even then, it’s fun to come in to a warm fire, wrapped in your favorite sweater, and look forward to the bright greens of spring.

  • Joan

    No, I’m not a Capricorn, a true Gemini, but I do love uniformity in books by one author…it’s like a set, a collection of treasures. Yes, I paint so I want there to be room to see what you paint. Keep the books the size they are now. Then it will be a trilogy, then a 4th book would be called what? a quadrilogy??? New word?

    I found a beautiful leaf montage, a gift from my Sycamore, one leaf a lovely red/rust color, attached to the same stem a dry curled golden leaf and between the leaves a seed pod. I’m going to ModPodge these into a journal.

  • The end of this post! You are awesome, that is all.

  • Nadine

    Yes, the shadows are a little longer and the sun a little lower in the afternoon, but as long as there’s enough to warm my cats in their sun spots it’s heaven. Nothing screams Zen more than a sleeping cat.

    I didn’t enter a vote last week but I vote for the larger square size.

  • Tracey

    I adopted a seven-week-old rescue Siamese kitten over Memorial Day weekend. He was small enough to sleep in my sneaker. He now weighs 5 lbs, is an amazing jumper, and my vet wants to neuter him in December. Every morning when I look at him, I think that he has grown more over the night, and I remember kittenhood goes quickly.

  • Lovely pictures, lovely words, Vivian. And yes, I’m a Capricorn.

  • The leaf is fabulous! I need to go walking and looking for wonders.

    And btw even though I voted to keep the book the same size so that I can see the details of your fabulous drawings, the book sure looks cute in the smaller format.

  • Hey, speaking of size (ca stands for Canada, that giant country up north) takes reviews as well. The Canucks love a beautiful book as much as the next nation.

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