I live in a 100-year old house on the Long Island Sound with a husband and four cats. And when I say “four cats”, I mean “eight cats”. But you can’t just blurt out that you have EIGHT cats or else people will think you’re a Crazy Cat Lady. Ew.

So I start off telling about these four cats of mine, and once I know you well enough, I add on the four that also live in the house. But I feel like you and I are friends and that I can be truthful:

And the truth is, I have a herd of eight cats.

And when I say “eight cats”, I mean 12.

Plus 2.

I recently cut my hair. So now I  mostly look like this:

DGB Author pic

Here is a completely random sampler of my work:

wwctr 6 Summer

More sample art work

January scene









If you want to watch me paint, all you have to do is look for blog posts under the category Watercolor Tutorials.