For the past six years I’ve been blogging every Friday, but I’m in hibernation now, working on a new book about the meaning of life and gardening. But every once in a while I will post something new so you never know what might pop up on any random day. The Comments are closed for now, but…

…I always like hearing from you, especially if you think I don’t suck.

My email is vivianswift at yahoo dot com.


I live in a 100-year old house on the Long Island Sound with a husband and four cats. And when I say “four cats”, I mean “eight cats”. But you can’t just blurt out that you have EIGHT cats or else people will think you’re a Crazy Cat Lady. Ew.

So I start off telling about these four cats of mine, and once I know you well enough, I add on the four that also live in the house. But I feel like you and I are friends and that I can be truthful:

And the truth is, I have a herd of eight cats.

And when I say “eight cats”, I mean 12.

Plus 2.

There’s more  about my life and travels at: www.vivianswift.net