December 2010

We left the house at 3:40 PM and got to the edge of the Long Island Sound at 4:10 — barely in time to watch the sun set on the shortest day of the year.

Nobody else was on the beach, maybe because of the wind chill that made it feel as if it were 17 degrees — but for me and Top Cat, that only means it’s perfect champagne-drinking weather. The bubbly stays nice and cold — even colder — after you pour it!

Top Cat, chillin’ with the champers.

Bring on the light!

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Penelope here.

Blogging is not my job. This my job. Me watching for snows out living room window.

But Blogging Lady, not the Lady what yells all time that she has no life of her own because of us cats (but not me, she mean all other cats) but Other Lady, the one who feeds us and blogs, wait, Might be same Lady.

She ask me to write. Because she been up all night at 24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital with sick cat — not  bossy cat what I fight for Cream Cheese with when Lady make bagels. No, is Fat Cat. Name Belle. FAT. She sick, but better now, and Lady is taking Day Off  like she need one .


This what I wood rather do than blog:

Because I am Penelope, the Pretty One.

Anyway. Lady, one that Blogs not Lady who doesn’t have a life of her own because of us cats (but she’s  not talk about me, of course, she mean all other cats) is take Day Off.

There. I blog for Lady. Now I go back watch for snows.


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It all started in 2007.

And it continued in 2008.

And by 2009 it was an annual tradition:

The 2010 Vivian Swift Holiday Card (Limited Edition), hand painted and hand-made by yours truly, is READY!

If you would like to have the new card sent to you (anywhere in the world), please be one of the  first 25 readers to send me their mailing address to email address listed below.

Posted at 12 noon on Dec 1: Thank you! Thank you, everyone, who emailed me their addresses and their kind words! I have my 25 (actually, I have my 46…that’s what I get for not keeping on top of my email but hey: the more the merrieer) — if you got to me before 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, you’re on my list– thank you!

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