January 2014

If it’s January 17, it must be left-over birthday cake:


As you Dear Readers may know, every January 16 I make a blue cake, which I wrote about last year in the post called

Blue in a Good Way:


This is my winning entry in the Ugly Cake Contest of 2013.

And I wrote about in 2011 in the post called

Born at the Right Time:


If you want, you can click onto the links which are highlighted in *blue* to read the entire posts of which I speak.

And in 2010 I put in the post called

The Breakfast of Champions:


This year I made my bluest cake ever…


…thanks to the vat of precious blue food coloring that my dear Top Cat found on the inter webs. And, thanks to Dear Readers Maryanne and Jeanie, this year I also got a shot of my all-important Vitamin C[hampagne] in blue. (People, this stuff came all the way from Reims, France!) BTW, Penelope wants to thank you, Maryanne and Jeanie, too, for her collateral gift:



That is, she thanks you for the box that the champagne came in.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes.

Yes, me and this blog are still in hibernation, but please feel free to hang out and browse the archives.

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