May 2021

The Big News

Here’s the big event here at Too Many Cats Manor:

This is Teddy, a blue-eyed lilac point Ragdoll, my dream cat, the first long hair cat I’ve ever had in my 65 years of being a cat person. Three weeks ago he was found wandering the mean streets of Melville, Long Island, an affluent hamlet with a population of 19,985 where median household income is $170,881 per year. So, yeah, it makes sense that their stray cats are purebred Ragdolls.

This tough customer was taken to a vet and scanned and yes, he is chipped, but the chip was never registered so, for all intents and purposes, he was a homeless cat.

I saw a photo of him on my next door neighbor’s phone and I said, “He’s mine.” So he came to us two weeks ago and I got him to the vet last Friday to get him cleared for integration into our herd. He is 5 – 7 years old and a little underweight at 12 pounds, but he’s in good condition except for some skin issues that should clear up with medicine in a few weeks. 

I’ve never had a long hard cat to care for, so I asked the vet to show me how to get knots out of his fur and I have to say, combing Teddy and un-knotting his luxurious fur  with his special comb is weirdly satisfying. He is a cuddle bug, a talker, and has the slow, easy-going temperament of a classic Ragdoll. He has to stay isolated from the other cats because of his skin condition, so he’s up in my workroom for now. I don’t get a lot of work done when I’m in my workroom because Teddy thinks that when we are together it’s 100% Teddy Time, and who am I to argue with the boss? He’s is beautiful, funny, likes people, and prefers not be picked up (if you reach for him, he’ll go limp and roll onto the floor and show you his tummy), and I adore him.

So that’s the big news I’ve kept under wraps for two weeks. I apologize if some of you were thinking that the news would be more momentous, such as the world held a secret vote and elected me Boss Of Everyone (I’m still standing by for the job, should I be elected, at any time, by the way), or that I got hit on the head and now speak English with a Portuguese accent. I am sorry if you are disappointed that it’s “only” cat news, but have you seen Teddy’s eyes?? 

Last week, Dear Reader Rachel took me to task about my crack that 1984 (the year) was 37 years old (in 2021), making it (in Alabama years) a toothless hag. Rachel happens to be related to several fine and gracious Alabama women who held on to their beauty and their elegance well into their 60s. I want to say that I am sorry for the wisecrack, and for defaming Alabama womanhood, when it is clearly Wyoming who sets the standard when we discuss slack-jawed in-bred MAGAts:

Anthony Bouchard has been a Wyoming State Senator since 2017 — yes, he holds public office — and here is what he had to say about being “outed” :

“So, bottom line, it’s a story when I was young, two teenagers, girl gets pregnant,” he said in the Facebook Live video. “You’ve heard those stories before. She was a little younger than me, so it’s like the Romeo and Juliet story.”

Got it? He’s Romeo, and the poor 14-year old child is Juliet. It’s romantic! And the stuff of classical literature!

Anyhow, the two were legally able to get married at the time because Florida law allowed underage  marriage with a judge’s approval if a pregnancy was involved and a parent consented. 

The lawmaker said he was pressured to abort the baby. “I wasn’t going to do it, and neither was she,” he said. “And there was pressure to have her banished from their family. Just pressure. Pressure to go hide somewhere. And the only thing I could see as the right thing to do was to get married and take care of him.”

That guy who thinks a rapist is just the kind of feller who should be in Congress, Brent Bozell, is an American conservative writer and activist who founded the Media Research Center and the Parents Television Council.  In addition, he serves on the board for the Catholic League for Oppressing Women and Covering Up Sex Crimes by Priests… I mean, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights  and has served on the board of directors in the American conservative Union. 

So, anyway, Romeo and Juliet divorced after three years of shotgun marriage. Bouchard’s ex-wife killed herself when she was 20, he said. Online records list a woman with her name as dying in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1990 and being buried in Georgia. 

And about that baby that was born to two crap people:

“Sadly, he’s made some wrong choices in his life,” Bouchard said. “He’s almost become my estranged son. Some of the things that he’s got going on his life, I certainly don’t approve of them. But I’m not going to abandon him. I still love him. Just like when he was born.”

Bouchard’s son is currently in prison, awaiting trial on charges of  kidnapping and raping a 51-year old woman, those are the “wrong choices” that he’s made. Since when did kidnapping and rape become a “choice”? Are you as fed up as I am about people who white-wash evil deeds and truly terrible people by saying their disgusting, immoral, ugly acts are “choices”?

But, getting back to Dear Reader Rachel, let’s not let Alabama totally off the hook. 

Alabama’s anti-abortion law makes abortion after 20 weeks a felony, unless necessary to save a woman’s life or to avert serious risk of substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function, not including psychological or emotional conditions.  Physicians in violation of the law would be guilty of a Class C felony which carries a one- to 10-year jail sentence and possibly a fine.  



Pennsylvania, you too can go fuck yourself:



In other Republican shitheel news:





President Biden wants a vote in the Senate to create a Jan 6 Insurrection commission by Memorial Day (May 31). 



This is a photo of the Republican senator from Wisconsin explaining to reporters why he will vote No for a Jan 6 investigation:

He’s in step with the leader of the Republican senators, Mitch McConnell:





Let’s check in on how the round-up of those seditious morons is going:



And here’s an interesting story about a rioter named Billy Chrestman, a 47-year old unemployed sheet metal worker from Kansas was charged with threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer and carrying a wooden ax handle while in the Capitol building and on the grounds. Prosecutors allege that Chrestman, 47, was a key player in the riot:

Chrestman was receiving disability and was under the care of the Department of Veterans Affairs when he went to Washington to overthrow the 2020 election. His lawyers state that he should be released fro jail while he awaits trial because “His current detention status places him in danger of losing those significant benefits,” 

In addition to the health issues, the motion said, Chrestman has family obligations.  His lawyers filed a motion, telling the court: “The residence he shares with his common-law partner … and their six children is in danger of foreclosure, placing the whole nuclear family in jeopardy of homelessness,” it said.

Twitter was not impressed with Chrestman’s sob story:

What. A. Loser.

Meanwhile,  Republicans are still trying to screw working people:

Mind you, this is free money to the states. The federal government wants to underwrite the cost of giving working people an extra $300 a week in addition to their paltry state benefits which, in some cases, amounts to a mere $104 a month.

And then there’s this guy:

Jaimie Dimon, head of JPMorgan bank in 2008, got a $29 billion “loan” from the Federal Reserve to help it stay afloat during that year’s catastrophic financial crises; with that money, he bought Chase Manhattan bank to become the head of J P Morgan Chase. In 2013, Dimon reached a settlement with the Department of Justice after receiving the U.S. attorney’s draft complaint documenting its “alleged” role in underwriting fraudulent securities in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Following the bank’s $13 billion financial agreement, a record-setting settlement, the draft complaint was never filed. 

Jamie Dimon is a billionaire who thinks working people shouldn’t get $300 a week from the federal government in unemployment benefits during a pandemic. 

Fuck you, Jaimie Dimon.

It goes without saying that Mitch McConell should go fuck himself too:




And now for the Feel Good news:





And This:

If you’ve been to your local McDonald’s lately, you might have ordered some chicken nuggets and received, with them, two special dipping sauces:

That’s Korean of course, because of these guys:

McDonald’s has partnered with BTS to offer a special chicken meal with flavors inspired by South Korean cuisine. I didn’t know they had Cajuns in Korea, but, OK. 

My Twitter is overflowing with stories from BTS fans, known as ARMY, getting their BTS meal and associated BTS swag. For BTS fans and for some Asian Americans, just seeing the Korean language associated with a brand as ubiquitous and as “American” as McDonald’s has made them very emotional, in a time when racist violence against Asian Americans is at an all-time high.

One story stood out to me, told by a 40-year old ARMY whose husband drove her ,in their van,  to McDonald’s so she could get the BTS meal. She happened to meet another  ARMY in the line, a younger woman in her 20s, and they both fan-girled over the group and then they ran to their cars and exchanged BTS gifts which they, as crazy ARMYs do, keep on hand for when they meet what is called “an ARMY in the wild”.

Then the 40-year old ARMY got back to her husband . . . 


The nearest McDonald’s to me is two towns away, and I don’t like McDonald’s, and I haven’t eaten a Big Mac since the early 1990s, but I’m thinking of heading out today to get my BTS meal just to get those sauces and the paper bag that the meal comes in (it has the BTS logo on it). I can always give the nuggets to the raccoons.

Other Thoughts For The Day:








They are also very smelly.


No cats this week. How about some amazing thrift store finds?
















That’s all for this week, Dear Readers. 

Have a great weekend, everyone. In America it’s a holiday weekend, Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer. It will be cool and rainy here on the north shore of Long Island, after a beautiful two week stretch of perfect low-humidity, 76 degree days. I bought us a hammock! We won’t get to use it this weekend, but I like the great indoors and I hope that everyone reading this will share what they love with someone — a friend, a partner, a stranger, ME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION — and feel connected and meaningful.


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This is how Spring is done on my street here on the north shore of Long Island:

April 13


late April


May 19

I live on a short street — there’s just six houses on my side of the avenue. This (above) is how it looks at the top of the street, and is where I begin each day when I go for my 6-mile run. But Long Island is a funny place. Sure, it looks like we’re in the middle of nature here and, in fact, it is very country-estate-like up in this area, and that’s why I love spending the best part of my day running around these back roads.  But this is the classy end of the street. That’s because this end of the street (above) is in what is actually called “The Estates“, while the other end of the street is in what we know as “The Heights“. The other end of the street is, well, what you’d call not classy:

That’s a small Persian restaurant on the left (with the blue awning) and that’s a paint store, on the right, where all the day laborers gather in the morning. My street intersects one of the main drags of Nassau County, Long Island. this intersection is busy and noisy and is infamous for its semi-annual car crashes. On the far corner, on the other side of this main drag,  is a car dealership. It sells Porches.

Our house — Too Many Cats Manor — is the third house down from the restaurant and is the last house in The Heights. Our next door neighbors, slightly uphill from us, officially live in The Estates. We in The Heights have to haul our trash cans out on the curb twice a week, which our neighbors in The Estates don’t have to do; the neighbor’s trash guys know where they store their rubbish and will fetch their trash bins personally, three times a week, which is classier. 

I’m explaining this to you so you’ll understand the context for my next story. I was on the phone, talking to a friend of my next door neighbor’s (the one who lives in The Estates) about a cat situation (she does rescue, like me). My next door neighbor’s friend was in her car, so the phone reception tended to blank out for a split second every once in a while. She was telling me about how she caught her latest cat, which she did while her husband was away — and the phone blanked out for a split second, and all I heard was something that sounded as if her husband had either “gone to London” or “gone hunting”.

I thought it over and, given what I know about this neck of the Long Island woods, it made much more sense to me that her husband had “gone to London”.

It turned out that, in fact, her husband had “gone hunting”. I was flabbergasted. I know far more people who have “gone to London” than who have ever “gone hunting”. Like, by a ratio of 20 to 1, and I think I’m lying about the “1” because I don’t want to sound like a Lady Bracknell, but I really can’t think of anyone I know who has “gone hunting”.

Is that just a Long Island thing? Or, am I too precious for this world, or what?

I know we have a diverse group of people who read this blog so I’m asking you: Do you know more people who have gone to London, or gone hunting? I will report my findings next week.

Meanwhile, about last week, about how I have a thing I was saving to tell you about this week, I can’t, because the thing that was supposed to happen at 9:30 AM on Monday got postponed (not by me) until 3:00 PM Friday, which hasn’t happened yet, so I am very sorry but I have to drag out the suspense one more week.

But speaking of London, a blogger-friend who lives in London AND YET probably still knows more people who have gone hunting, who you readers know as Steve in the Comments, reminded me last week that 1984 was 37 years ago.  37, in Alabama years, means 1984 is a Grandma with half her teeth missing and a dusty Precious Moments figurine collection. 1984 is olden days, done for, dark ages, old-fashioned…and I still remember 1984 as fun and with-it, wild and shocking.

Happily for me, I will never be a Grandma, having had the foresight to not have children, so Yours Truly will forever fun and with-it, wild and shocking. 

Let’s roll the tape:















People age so differently, right? See below.



I love that this Grandma doesn’t, apparently, waste time doing much housework, either.






The political story that I am obsessed with this week is the Democrats’ attempt to form a Congressional inquiry into the insurrection on Jan. 6, 20201, when Trump supporters were ordered by their president to march to the Capitol and take their country back, whose ensuing riot was facilitated by certain enabling Republicans.  The Republicans are fighting the formation of this inquiry because they say they want to “move on”, but really it’s because they don’t want to be forced to lie under oath about what they did on Jan. 6.





Remember this guy (below) from last week? Representative Andrew Clyde? Republican from Georgia? Who said that the rioters were, for the most part, well-behaved and like regular tourists?

The internet isn’t finished with Representative Andrew Clyde yet:


This is from live TV coverage of the riot from inside the House of Representatives:




The caption to this reads, We always come in this way.







Here’s the best news yet — New York State Attorney General, Leticia James, is going after Trump and his spawn:

This is why I Love New York:

In other Bad News for Deplorables:

Remember this guy? The guy in the hat? Goes by the name QAnon Shaman?

He’s got a lawyer :

In case you can’t read the text, lawyer Albert Watkins says that “his client had Asperger’s syndrome and indicated that Chansley’s mental state — and the impact of Trump’s “propaganda” efforts — would play a role in his case. 

“A lot of these defendants — and I’m going to use the colloquial term, perhaps disrespectfully — but they’s all fuckig short-bus people,” Watkins told TPM (Talking Point Memo). “These people with brain damage, they’re fucking retarded, they’re on the goddam spectrum.”

“But they’re our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our coworkers — they’re part of our country. these aren’t bad people, they don’t have pro criminal history. Fuck, they were subject to four-plus years of goddam propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since fucking Hitler.”


With a lawyer like this, who needs enemies?

Then there’s this guy:

After his arrest for allegedly storming the U.S. Capitol building and kicking a police officer on Jan. 6, Patrick Montgomery was released from custody and allowed to return to Colorado — with a few stipulations, including that he not possess any firearms.

So federal prosecutors said they were disturbed to learn that Montgomery recently shot and killed a 170-pound mountain lion and then proudly posed for photos with the corpse. Colorado officials say he also broke state laws because he was banned from owning firearms due to an old felony robbery conviction.

Federal prosecutors have files a motion to revoke his release and asked a judge to place the 48-year old on house arrest with a GPS monitor. He could also face new state charges.

YES PLEASE, throw this son of a bitch in jail. Or, give the mountain lions of Colorado their own rifles and declare Open Season on Patrick Montgomery.

And then there’s Traci Sunstrom:

Sunstrum faces the following charges according to a criminal complaint: entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds, disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building. No charges pending for having shitty taste in clothes.


Meanwhile, the Republicans are still re-conting the votes in Maricopa County, Arizona, looking for thousands of votes that were changed from Trump to Joe Biden, causing the Orange Shit Stain to lose the state’s 11 electoral votes. This is such a farce that even some Republicans have had enough:

Here’s the story from the AP:

The Republican who now leads the Arizona county elections department targeted by a GOP audit of the 2020 election results is slamming former President Donald Trump and others in his party for their continued falsehoods about how the election was run.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer on Saturday called a Trump statement accusing the county of deleting an elections database “unhinged” and called on other Republicans to stop the unfounded accusations.

“We can’t indulge these insane lies any longer. As a party. As a state. As a country,” Richer tweeted. Richer became recorder in January, after defeating the Democratic incumbent.

The former president’s statement came as Republican Senate President Karen Fann has demanded the Republican-dominated Maricopa County Board of Supervisors come to the Senate to answer questions raised by the private auditors she has hired. The Senate took possession of 2.1 million ballots and election equipment last month for what was supposed to be a three-week hand recount of the presidential race won by Democratic President Joe Biden. The re-count was supposed to have ended on May 14.

Instead, the auditors have moved as a snail’s pace and had to shut down Thursday after counting about 500,000 ballots. They plan to resume counting in a week, after high school graduation ceremonies planned for the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, which they rented for the recount.

Republican State Senate President Fann hired Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm, to oversee an unprecedented, partisan review of the 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county. They are conducting a hand recount of all 2.1 million ballots and looking into baseless conspiracy theories suggesting there were problems with the election, which have grown popular with supporters of Trump.

“Enough with the defamation. Enough with the unfounded allegations,” Richer tweeted Thursday. “I came to this office to competently, fairly, and lawfully administer the duties of the office. Not to be accused by own party of shredding ballots and deleting files for an election I didn’t run. Enough.”








Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Thursday that the voting machines Republicans turned over to private companies as part of their audit (now called “fraudit”) of the 2020 elections are no longer safe for use in future elections.

In a letter sent to Maricopa County officials and shared with NBC News, Hobbs, a Democrat, cited security concerns about losing the chain of custody over the equipment when it was handed over to the auditors and urged the county to get new machines. If it does not, her office would consider decertifying the equipment involved in the audit, she wrote. That would remove the machines from service.

State Senate Republicans subpoenaed nearly 400 of Maricopa County’s election machines, along with ballots cast by voters in November’s election, to facilitate an unusual audit of the election results. The GOP hired private firms, led by the Florida-based cybersecurity company Cyber Ninjas, to do the work.


Much like the Arizona re-count, the pandemic keeps dragging on. But we’re definitely at the beginning of the end, right? So here’s some final, last words about Covid:


Segue to the Feel Good portion of this blog:





























The sign says,

Bad Day? Take a Pinwheel.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope Spring is lightning your heart, or Fall is mellowing your soul, depending on the hemisphere, either way they both go down well with pinwheels and Fridays and a nice cold glass of pinot grigio and this:



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Actually, this is genius:

I got up last Sunday and puttered down to the kitchen to make tea and toast, as I usually do. I turned on the radio. NPR was strangely sentimental, telling story after story about moms and motherhood. Then the host of the morning show says, Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.

Well, crap. I thought Mother’s Day was THIS week, not last. I had some great Mother’s Day content lined up for you.

So, it’s a week late, but here’s your Mother’s Day wishes from me:







My headline (above),  The United States of Stupid, can apply almost any week of the year here in the USA, but this week brings us news of Americans going-the-extra-mile to be stupid.

As you might know, the Colonial Pipeline (a private, non-government, capitalist company) was held for ransom by Russian hackers who crippled the firm’s computers. This pipeline is 5,5000 miles long and it pumps 3 million gallons of gas a day and jet fuel from Texas to New York. This hacker attack shut down the pipeline on Saturday, May 8.

Bring on the panic buying.

The first states to get hit by a sudden drought of gas were the southern states. As of 4 pm ET Wednesday, May 12, 68% of all gas stations in North Carolina, 45% in Georgia, 49% in Virginia and 45% in South Carolina were without gasoline, according to Gas Buddy, an app that tracks fuel demand, prices and outages.

“This situation is now being exacerbated by panic buying and hoarding,” Frank Macchiarola, an executive at the American Petroleum Institute, said during a press briefing.

No shit, Sherlock.

Things are normal here on the north shore of Long Island, but in those southern states where gas is becoming scarce, it’s the Hunger Games out there, played by the god damn dumbest people on earth:

These are screen shots from a video of a woman filling up a plastic bag with gasoline. On the left, that’s her, lifting the bag and noticing that gasoline, in a plastic bag, is heavier than she thought. So she puts the gas-bag down, goes to her car, fetches another plastic bag, and that’s her, on the right, double-bagging her plastic bag of gas because, you know, safety first.




Don’t be this person either:








This photo (above) was taken in Florida, where the governor had to declare a state of emergency because people were panic-buying gas and hoarding it, causing shortages in south Florida but here’s the thing: Florida does not get its gas from the Colonial Pipeline.


Now that Joe Biden is president, I don’t spend a lot of time wishing for the good old days of 2008 – 2016, but something happened last week that made me miss the Obamas again. I miss their their natural elegance, their thoughtfulness, and their humanity. 












Looking back, I realize that the Obamas were too good for us. Here’s your reality check:


In case you can’t read this, this is what is in the press release Trump sent out because he’s still banned from Twitter and Facebook:

The major Michigan Election Fraud case has just filed a bombshell pleading claiming votes were intentionally switched from President Trump to Joe Biden. The number of votes is MASSIVE and determinative. This will prove true in numerous other States. All Republicans must UNIFY and not let this happen. If a thief robs a jewelry store of all its diamonds (the 2020 Presidential Election), the diamonds must be returned. The Fake News media refuses to cover the greatest Election Fraud in the history of our Country. They have lost all credibility, but ultimately, they will have no choice!



And then there’s Arizona:

By subpoena, the state Senate took possession of 2.1 million ballots and nearly 400 election machines and turned them over to be audited by private companies, one of which has a CEO who promoted debunked election fraud theories after the election and was in the Ca[itol on Jan. 6.

One of the things they are looking for in the paper ballots are bamboo fibers, which will be proof that some of the ballots came from China and were part of the plot to rig the election in Joe Biden’s favor.


Meanwhile, in the US House of Representatives, the Republicans took a secret voice vote to throw Wyoming representative Liz Cheney from her leadership job — a secret voice vote so no Republican had to go on the record but, sure, Kevin. . . 

Liz Cheney’s crime was speaking the truth about the Big Lie that Trump won the election last November but the Democrats stole it:






So now there are Republicans who want to break away and form a separate party for the 2022 elections, who will work as hard as Liz Cheney will so that Trump never runs for president in 2024 and I just checked: I have enough popcorn to sit back and watch the blood bath. 


Let’s not forget that this happened this week:

We’re talking about Georgia Representative Andrew Clyde, who is of course a Republican (and gun shop owner) who was only elected to Congress in NOv. 2020. He made these remarks during a House Oversight Committee investigating the insurrection of Jan 6, 2021.He said:

“There was an undisciplined mob. There were some rioters, and some who committed acts of vandalism. But let me be clear, there was no insurrection and to call it an insurrection in my opinion, is a bold faced lie. Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol, and walk through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures, you know.”

“If you didn’t know that TV footage was a video from January the sixth, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”


Other Republicans backed Clyde:

“It was Trump supporters who lost their lives that day, not Trump supporters who were taking the lives of others,” said Rep. Jody Hice, Republican from Georgia.

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., claimed that law enforcement officials were “harassing peaceful patriots.”

In case anyone needs to be reminded of what happened on Jan. 6:

Speaking of those peaceful patriots:


And this guy:

And this just in:


Jesus Christ, will you look at the time — we have to start wrapping this up:












Did you know this about the big McDonald’s strike?

McDonald’s workers in 15 US cities plan to strike for higher wages on May 19, the day before the company’s annual shareholders meeting.

Employees will go on strike to demand all McDonald’s workers make at least $15 per hour. So far, the strikes are planned for Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, Flint, Kansas City, St Louis, Raleigh-Durham, Charleston, Houston, and Milwaukee. 

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “It’s the responsibility of federal and local government to set minimum wage, and we’re open to dialogue so that any changes meet the needs of thousands of hardworking restaurant employees and the 2,000 McDonald’s independent owner/operators who run small businesses.”

In other words, “The government has tied our hands because they set the minimum wage.”

Hey, McDonald’s: Just because there’s an unreasonable low minimum wage on the books in every state doesn’t mean that you have to pay your workers minimum wage. It’s not like the government is forcing you to only pay minimum wage. 

And while we’re at it:



Re: COVID. This was interesting — I wondered why the second shot of vaccine is so much worse than the first.

And about COVID. . . 

This reminds me that I’ve been saving some non-Covid Words of Wisdom from the internet for you all, and now seems like a good time to share it:










That’s enough self-improvement for now. Let’s look at cute animals and some wise-ass memes:










More working cats:















That’s it for this week, Dear Readers. There’s some exciting things happening here in Casa Too Many Cats on the north shore of Long Island that I will tell you all about next week, so, stay tuned and meet me here next Friday.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope all your walks are on the beach at midnight, all your cocktails are ice cold just the way you like, and that all your gasoline is not in a plastic bag.


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I got to my Zoom Korean class a little early last Wednesday, along with one other classmate, so while we were waiting for the others to show up I took advantage of the situation and I asked my classmate something I’d wanted to know for a while. She’s obviously not a youngster, and her reason for taking Korean language class is for the mental challenge of it. Meaning, she doesn’t know much about K-pop but she’s pretty good at grammar. So I asked her, “Irina, are you in your 60s yet?”

She answered that yes, she is; she’s 69 years old.

Crap. That means that I am not the oldest person ever to learn Korean. 

There go my bragging rights. Now it all hardly seems worth it.


Before we dive in to this week’s hilarity. . . 





. . . I have heard from some of you Dear Readers who can’t see the Comments to this blog. While  I have yet to call up the people who I pay to host this thing about this issue because I’m never in the mood to do technical admin stuff like that, I do have a suggestion that might work. Try using a different browser. If you use Firefox, for instance, try punching into Google, of instance, and see what happens. 

Let me know if this helps.

And now to all the delightfulness that is America in the week of April 30 – May 7:

To follow up on last week’s story about the cops in Loveland, Colorado, who arrested an elderly woman with dementia and broke her arm in the process:

Three down, about half a million to go.

More good news:

Former President  Donald Trump told Facebook’s oversight board that his supporters were “law-abiding” during the Capitol riot, arguing that nothing he said on Jan. 6 could “reasonably be interpreted as a threat to public safety,” according to portions of his comments made public on Wednesday, May 5.

The remarks were submitted to Facebook’s oversight board on Trump’s behalf by the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative Christian group. The American Center of Law and Justice also claimed that it was “stunningly clear that in his speech there was no call to insurrection, no incitement to violence, and no threat to public safety in any manner, and described a “total absence of any serious linkage between Trump’s speech and the Capitol building incursion.”

However, federal investigators have identified substantial evidence that some of the rioters on Capitol Hill were directly inspired by Trump’s call to action earlier in the day. More than 400 Trump supporters have been arrested for their actions on Jan. 6, many of whom have said that they were acting on behalf of Trump and were inspired by his calls to march down to congress.

Trump’s actual words on Jan. 6: “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women,” Trump told his supporters shortly before the Capitol assault. “We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

Thousands of Trump supporters, waving Trump or Confederate flags and wearing MAGA gear, descended upon the Capitol. They overwhelmed law enforcement, pushed past police barricades, and temporarily stopped Congress from counting electoral votes.

The Facebook oversight board decided to keep Trump off the platform because of his incessant rhetoric that incited violence. Twitter has banned Trump permanently, and this week also got rid of Trump’s “dummy” Twitter accounts.





Without his social media platforms, Trump has to rely on old fashioned Press Releases to get his crazy talk out to the public:




Breaking news:

Remember that reality show about the Dugger family from Bug Fuck, Arkansas?  19 Kids and Counting (formerly 17 Kids and Counting and 18 Kids and Counting)  aired on the cable channel TLC for seven years and featured the Duggar family: parents JimBob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children – nine daughters and ten sons – all of whose names begin with the letter “J”. 

The show focused on the life of the Duggar family, who are devout Baptists, and and their frequent discussions on their deeply held values of purity, modesty and faith in God. It was cancelled in 2015 when it was discovered that the parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, had covered up the sexual depravity of their oldest son, Josh Duggar, who as a teenager had got in trouble or molesting 5 under-age girls (two of whom were his sisters).

Well, Josh Duggar’s been at it again:

Josh Duggar is charged with receiving and possessing material depicting the sexual abuse of children (200 images were retrieved from his computer), which have him facing up to 40 years in prison. 

I love this shit. I love it when religious people show us what their religion really is.

One of Josh Duggar’s sisters, Jinger, had recently written a book called — wait for it — The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God. In it she briefly discussed her brother Josh, the sex pest. She writes, “One of my siblings had made some sinful choices, but it had been years ago. It had been awful, but we dealt with it as a family,” explaining that they “sought the Lord” and “took the necessary steps to move towards healing.”

She doesn’t mention that one month after her family’s show was cancelled, her brother Josh was involved in another scandal when a  news site discovered that Josh had active accounts on Ashley Madison, a website created to facilitate cheating on your spouse. 

Josh, then 33, confessed to having a pornography addiction and to cheating on his wife. The wife didn’t divorce him, nope. She made 6 babies with him, and as he was arrested for the child porn thing, she was pregnant with their 7th kid.

P. S. Jinger Duggar doesn’t feel so charitable about her brother Josh now that he’s been charged with being in the possession of child porn:

I wonder how these guys feel about their old buddy Josh:




Let’s take a look at what Mike Huckabee was doing back in 2015, when Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal broke:

Right. Mike Huckabee said it was terrible, absolutely terrible, that the Obamas let their teenage daughters listen to the “mental poison” of  Beyonce.

And here’s what Mike Huckabee, who is an evangelical and ordained Southern Baptist minister and who used to be the governor of Bug Fucking Arkansas, said about Josh Duggar molesting 5 under-age girls, including two of his own sisters:

“Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, ‘inexcusable,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘unforgivable.’ He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities,” Huckabee wrote in a post on Facebook. “No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things.”

Really? Do “good people” molest their own sisters? Is molesting five under-age girls just a “mistake”? 

And here’s the latest:


In other Republican news:







Checking in with the other traitors:

This headline is wrong: It wasn’t the Florida National Guard — this asshole lives in Nevada.

Charlottesville, Virginia is where a bunch of white supremacists marched in a Unite the Right rally in August 2017, to protest the local government’s debate about pulling down several Confederate monuments. If you want to see the face of American nazisim, look no further than this photo of Peter Cytanovic (above).

So Cytanovic wanted to play soldier with the Nevada National Guard in November 2019, and his enlistment lasted a little over a year before the guard found out about his nazi past and ejected him. “Initial criminal and fingerprint checks found no record that would deny enlistment,”  said  spokesman for the Nevada National Guard. 

While Cytanovic has subsequently renounced white nationalism and has denied that he ever understood what the term meant when he described himself as such, his past actions and that iconic photo of him at Charlottesville done him in.

“The Nevada National Guard does not tolerate racist, extremist ideology,” the spokesman went on. “The Nevada National Guard took action immediately after discovering Mr. Cytanovic’s affiliations.”

So, Yay for that.


But holy shit, what is happening down in New Orleans, my favorite American city??

Did she just say “real facts”? And did she name drop Jesus Christ? Hang in there, Dear Readers, I’ll have more to say about Jesus H. Christ at the end of this post.

What do you call this?

Y’All Qaeda.






That’s enough for cats — this week I’m turning the end bits over to the dogs:


Photos of UPS drivers with the dogs they meet on their routes:


This driver keeps treats in his truck and these doggies know it.






















I don’t know why this makes me laugh.Did this ever happen on airplanes? Where did they store that huge salad bowl? Can you imagine this happening today??


That’s the whole enchilada this week, Dear Readers. Have a great weekend everyone, and now I’m thinking about enchiladas and how I need to have three of the Monterey Jack variety in my life asap but my favorite Mexican restaurant doesn’t open until noon and that’s three hours and 12 minutes from now, so now I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next three hours and 12 minutes.

See you next Friday!

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