The Blizzard of 2015 Champagne-O-Meter

(This is ONE of TWO posts today — immediately following is a post all about My First Ever DoG — I don’t want you to miss it.)P1000070The Blizzard of the Century, they said it was — a doomsday storm heading our way with the mighty wrath of  a really vengeful supernatural being that was really, really pissed off by Long Island vocal fry.

But I could be projecting, just a teeny bit.

In the ten years I have lived on Long Island we’ve had, oh, ten Blizzards of the Century. I didn’t get all het up about this one, but the Gummint did, and how. Roads, trains, public transport — all shut down. The New York State Thruway’s closed, man.

On Sunday night we had overnight snowfall, which looked like this, Champagne-O-meter-wise:


Monday afternoon was the worst, with lots of fast-falling snow and white-out winds. In one powerful gust I heard the walls of the den creak in unison, which did not please me. Top Cat came home from work in Manhattan early and we hunkered down with cats, cocktails, and made-from-scratch macaroni and cheese and we watched The Interview. Two thumbs UP UP UP. Who knew Eminem could be so hilarious?

Most of the snow fell and fell overnight, and on Tuesday morning the C-O-M looked like this:


Tuesday was a SNOW DAY.

And then it was Wednesday and everyone back to their lives, but on a Sunday schedule.

So, basically, it’s been Sunday since Wednesday and Sunday is not my favorite day of the week.

So last night I popped the C-O-M and poured like it was Saturday.

Now I wish every Thursday could be Saturday.

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  1. Gigi

    Before this post, just for perspective, I looked at posts from last winter. And sure enough, the alerts to batten down the hatches and collect the cats…were followed by a little more than some frost on the lawn. So at least the C-O-M got some *working* snow, and was sufficiently chilled for a Saturday-esque sip or two. Cheers!

  2. Vivian..dear Vivian..please remove this post.
    I never received the previous post that has me in tears now:( In fact I did not receive this one..It was by chance I saw it..never dawned on me to search for others all your posts used to come to me:(My deepest apology.
    What a terrible thing to have said.
    Blogging is far from perfect I see..

    Liek when one of my brother’s birthday cards went missing in the mail..he thought I never sent one..

    • Vivian

      Monique — Thank you for alerting me to my blog post fumble. I have put a new headline on the Champagne-O-Meter post to tell my Dear Readers that there is another post immediately following. My thinking was, that I read even in the UK papers all about this terrible blizzard that was on its way, and I’d received so many emails from the wonderful people who gather ’round my molehill regarding this alleged on-coming catastrophe, that I thought I must post the All Clear today. I also could not have that be the beginning of my tribute to the Best Damn DoG I ever had…so I separated the two topics. I am sorry that I caught you unawares — b/c on top of all this strategizing, I had trouble getting the stuff to “Publish” this AM and had to go pin and do it manually.
      Anyhoo, I did not want to distress you — you and me, Monique, we go way back. Thank you for reading about my Boogie Girl.

  3. Fun to see the champagne-o-meter again! And awfully glad you had a very extended weekend! We had our terrible winter last year and yes, it’s Michigan, so it could be next week, too — who knows. And we were pretty close to what you had but not in a lot of ways. I think what you ended up with was a little more similar to our last year — which I am supposing was a good thing! Anyway, glad all was well — and a long weekend, mac and cheese and wine? Works for me!

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