This Month’s Most Important Cup of Tea

I’m taking a moment aside from my regularly scheduled blog to bring you this special Vive la France post.


We’ll always — always always always — have Paris.


I know that all of our hearts are in Paris this week…and my heart is with my special Paris friend, Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts. For those of you who might not know her story, Carol is an American illustrator who used to travel to Paris half a dozen times a year until 2013, when she decided to live her life to the fullest and picked up lock, stock, and paintbrushes and moved there.

Talk about living creatively without fear: Carol lives the artful life — art, food, fashion, travel, books…de luxe in thought, word, and deed.

Wherever she goes…



…she makes her sketches…blogger-image-1348681512

… and she chronicles it all on her blog

…but especially in her monthly letters:


I have been subscribing to Carol’s monthly sketch letters for over a year and I have saved every morsel from her monthly packets: the perfume samples, patisserie notes, grand chef calling cards, cafe mementos — all the ephemera extraordinaire that she tucked into each envelope. It’s a gift parcel from the world capital of elegant living every single month.


I feel duty-bound to share with you all these delights. Whether it’s for you (because you deserve it!) or for those dearest Francophile friends into whose life you want to bring some authentic Paris joy — I can’t recommend any other gift more highly.

You can subscribe to monthly Sketch Letters,



or monthly Map Letters,



or BOTH by visiting Carol’s Easy Shop here.

Vive la Vie Parisienne!

And please stay tuned to this blog — my regularly scheduled post is just behind this one!

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  1. All our hearts are in Paris this week and, I suspect (at least for me) always. I was relieved when I saw Carol’s post, indicating she was all right. But how can you be “all right” amidst all that?

    Thanks for sharing info on her wonderful blog and sketch letters. I am a subscriber and like you, I save each and every one!

  2. Diane from Denver

    Thank you, Vivian, for this lovely post about Carol G. and her
    wonderful “PB” blog. I opened up your comment the other
    day when you told that nasty Nancy commenter to “Shut up!”
    Btw, I grew up down the road from you in Garden City and
    am greatly enjoying your evocative photos of the North
    Shore, the Sound, the trees, etc. Looking at them is like
    dipping into one of Proust’s Madeleine’s for me.

    Vive la terrasse, Vive la Liberte et Vive la France!

    Diane in Denver

  3. Love Carol’s blog and her dreamy sketches. Funny how I thought of my Paris blogger “friends” – the inner tubes (as John McCain would call it) connect us all.

    I’ve only been to Paris once, but ooh, la la – love, love, love the City of Light and no amount of craziness can diminish that light – thank DoG (as you would say).

  4. Kirra

    Lovely post about Paris, it will always be in our hearts. Also, I really like long blog posts and am not on Instagram. THANK YOU for sharing these amazing letters from Paris. I love France and getting letters and it’s my birthday so I’m going over to subscribe now!!

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