Everything Is Better Than It Used To Be.

For example, Helen Mirren:

This is her in 1970:


And this is her now:


This was me last week:


And this is me now:


In the olden days we didn’t have blogs, and now we have a pain-in-the-ass internet that craps all over any blog you’re trying to get done, dammit.

Our street was dug up yesterday and now the internet keeps blipping on and off, so that’s why I’m at the library sending you this All Is Well teaser until our information superhiway is restored.

Good, great, and greatest things have happened since we last got together and I want to tell you all about it but, well, I need to crawl inside the series of tubes we call the world wide web, so. . . 

. . . stay tuned. 

I’ll be back.



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  1. Kirra

    Alors, a bientôt! This photos are great but that white cat is the cutest. All the best with the Internet cables etc.

  2. You made me laugh out loud with little tears coming from the corners of my eyes, with those two cat photos! Am still laughing. Thanks a zillion. Now get back to work…ahem…I mean the internet.

  3. Erile

    I was just introduced to you in a most round-about way by my dear friend for 40+ years, Janet Lea, of the badly broken ankle. I was in dire need of your words, humor, ups and downs, and even a comment from one of your loyal readers. All of you picked me up, and I must say that Damn Helen Mirren comparison gave me infinite hope. I hope to meet you at Janet’s in Santa Fe in October. The Internet was inventer by Al Gore for YOU! Warmest regards.

  4. Patricia

    Helen Mirren at any age is stunning. That bone structure. That body. And she is my age (or thereabouts) so I HAVE NO EXCUSE. Frankly, I’m just amazed I came back from three weeks in Vienna, Prague and Germany (this part on a riverboat) and I did not gain weight. I always gain weight on a boat, unless I’m the one rowing it. I usually blame the waiters (well, they bring me the food!).

    And about cats. Evidently large parts of Europe are nearly cat-less. I only saw one when I missed the elevator shortcut to a castle and wound up climbing 200 steps. Kitty saw me coming and rightly assumed I must be out of my mind and promptly whisked itself away.

    Three and done. Sigh. But I can’t really complain since I’m none and done. At least we have your blog wit to carry us through the rainy days. Still, please consider that coloring book idea…

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