Abundance of Caution.

This was the north corner of my front yard at approx. 8:05 am, before I was told that “taking pictures ain’t cool.”


Jeeze. I’m not going to sue you guys! So I went up to my work room and took this follow-up pic:


So yes, they are digging AGAIN into the cables and such that make this blog possible. Actually, this time it was gas lines, and they hit a geyser, and “gas leak” became the word of the day. I’m sorry that I didn’t get pix of the fire engines (two) and the police are (three) that blocked off our street after we were told to just “keep the windows closed”, but I had other things than this blog post on my mind (sorry).  But after gathering the cats into the house, and setting out multiple cat boxes and huge bowls of kitty chow and shutting all the windows, we thought, What the hell. . . let’s go to Atlantic City!

So we checked into the Borgata:


And we got a room on the 37th floor, with a view of the coming storm:


And then, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it hit:


And then, came the rainbow:


(If you look real hard on the right side of that pic (above), you’ll see it.)

So here I am, in a hotel room in Atlantic City, with a heart full of gratitude to YOU, the most wonderful Dear Readers that ever was. . .

. . . and this will have to be a Saturday (Sunday for you, you darling antipodeans, Friday for you dears on the three-hour delay on the Pacific Coast).

Oh, we have so much to talk about, such as: Why isn’t Deborah Hatt writing this blog instead of me?, and: How much do I love thee, all you amazing Commentors, without whom I would be but a sad, sad girl in search of a nonexistent tiger to kiss.

XXOO, and a bientôt.


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  1. carol

    you know what i’m thinkin’? i’m thinkin’ someone partook of the free cocktails offered by the lovely establishment you have taken refuge in. and good for you…😜

  2. When life gives you gas lines, go to Atlantic City! What in the world is wrong of taking photos of the gas crew? Good for you, finding a convenient window to keep at it — just because! But then, you have that wonderful rebel spirit!

    Well, next week your commenter Maryanne and I are getting together for a long overdue meet-up at the beach. So if your ears are burning on Thursday it’s because we’re talking about you!

  3. Deborah Hatt would never be able to write your most wonderful blog, dear amazing Vivian. And who would know this more than me? How could an old biddy, living out in the middle of the corn and bean fields of Midwest America – who has never “wandered” outside her sweet corner of Michigan (except for college and three trips to the ocean) – ever write of the gardens of Europe, of “Le Road Trip”s through the French countryside, of smuggling diamonds out of Africa, or of drinking tea in Buenos Aires, snuggling down in lowly hostels, sitting on Scottish hillsides with handsome young men, or of the orange balloon you named Sputnik?

    While you, Vivian Swift, have worked for world renowned auction houses, been a buyer for illustrious companies like Faberge, and made sweet art of the likes of Woody Robinson and Pawsylvania, not to mention Monet’s Garden – And proven yourself to be at home in metropolitan bookstores and tea shops all around the world – This Deborah Hatt woman’s idea of sophistication is to not trip over her size 11 feet as she enters a room. I suspect, if I wrote a blog, any dear reader would simply nod-off and waken to find drool dripping off their chin. My “garden” stretches for miles and miles – this year it’s row upon row upon row, field after field, of corn (last year it was wheat and soy beans). My only “wandering” is along our wooded creek bed, followed by whatever kitties decide to come along. And my Top Cat is a patient, long-suffering grandpa, who puts up with my many foibles (We celebrate our 45th anniversary on Sunday … A miracle of God, to be sure, and a testament of my husband’s fortitude). So, no, dear Vivian … I proclaim and declare: NO ONE CAN EVER write, bedazzle, paint, or wow us with such humor and whimsy as YOU, our own precious Vivian Sift. And don’t you forget it, my dear.

    As to the gas leak outside your house … You needed a tiny vacation, so Someone made sure you took one. (These things never happen to the mediocre you know)

    You are so greatly loved, dear Vivian!

    P.S. To all who wrote such lovely comments last week concerning this Deborah Hatt person – she says “Thank you so very much.” She says this with not a few tears of wonderment and thanksgiving. You all are, as Vivian declares, “dear readers.” May God bless you all – each one.

  4. Kirra

    Good on you! What a view! This seems the most reasonable way to deal with the cable/gas leak situation, pity we missed a photo of fire engines and police.

    Thank you Vivian and Deborah for your lovely writing, I am an avid reader myself!

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