Stink Eye


Steve, giving me the stink eye, Oct. 2016.

I’m mad at the internet today.

I spent hours — HOURS — crafting my latest tale of travel and revelations and just when I was 3/4 THERE . . .

. . . I hit some mysterious button and the whole post was wiped out.

I am pissed (and not in the good, Brit, way).

So I am taking the day (Thursday) off so I can fully investigate why the world is against me before I sit my ass down on Friday (or Saturday, if you are so lucky to be in Australia) and re-type the whole shebang.

So check back here around noon Friday Oct. 7 (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) and I will tell you all about a certain suave black cat . . .


. . . that I met in London.

See you soon, my Wonder Ones.

****Hi! It’s me again! And I’m still working on your Oct. 7 or 8 post! Give me until 1 PM Eastern time, ok?****


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  1. I feel your pain. Been there, done that. Control Z (in PC version) has often saved my tail but every system is different. You’re probably a Mac girl, I’m betting. I’ll look forward to round 2!

  2. I, too, had this same experience just two days ago. Created a lovely little piece to post, and then SWISH! POP! WAAAAAH! it disappeared into some nebulous, hinterland of the cyber universe. I was both incredulous and frustrated. I thought, “Phooey with this! Where’s a good book to read?” and I grabbed my fuzzy blankie, drew my feet up into my cushie chair, and fell into the oblivion of a whodunnit to forget my woes. I have yet to rally the gumption needed to rewrite my oh-so-clever prose. ugh!

    On the bright side of this crazy avenue … I gained three feathers this week, without even trying. One was from a woodpecker, black checkered with white – just gorgeous! God is good.

    We all await for your next installment of cleverness and delight, O Vivian.

  3. Megan

    Very cute black cat. I empathise with you. I am pleased to see that this morning you have been successful with your post. Congratulations and thanks very much for perservereing.

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