The Internet Ate My Blog Today.

IT Tech Lickety in search of internet gremlins.

My internet service keeps crapping out at t

Let’s start again: There must be a blockage in one of the series of tubes that make up the internet because I can’t se

Short and fast: The gremlins are at it again. I can’t get decent internet

but I have my crack team of IT techs on it so as soon as I

get more than intermi

ttant service I will regale you all with th

e latest

news etc. in VivianWo

rld. Meantime, go make a cup of tea and take a break f

rom, you know, the int



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  1. My Goodness, can I relate!! As of two days ago, our computer has decided to rear up in rebellion – this once eager-to-please stallion has become a maverick and made up its mind to sulk in a far field, where it refuses to respond to the bit or stirrup. Ugh! Yes, it IS allowing me to write this comment (while I wait, wait, patiently with a hand full of sugar cubes), but it is dragging its mud-ensconced hooves with leaden steps. Our oldest son, owner of Madhatter Computers, will be making a vet call tomorrow, to whip this recalcitrant nag back into racing condition. (If only I knew his special type of magic!)

    Love your kitties, as always.

    Happy Trails, dear Vivian! Look at the sunshine making tree-shadows on the lawn, chatty sparrows crowded in bushes, and count your endless blessings (which surround us, even on our darkest days). You are greatly loved.

  2. Megan

    I get your pain, took ten seconds for the ‘I’ to appear. Argh, they get you hooked and then they let you down. Like the look of Lickety, watch out gremlins! The RSPCA had a sale on today to clear the shelter… we bought a cat, I have buyers remorse. 2.50am I got head butted awake, but at least I got to see your ‘post’. Best of luck with the inter webs.

  3. Have you been in my house today? I have that dish (only mine is a bowl, not a plate. Wish I’d bought the plates!) and two little bronze towers, too! Well, I say if you’re going to have Internet issues, have a croissant. If nothing else you’ll feel better. (Might you consider an advanced IT helper? Lickety looks a little confused by it all!)

  4. Kirra

    Good luck unblocking the internet tubes!!
    Tea sounds like a great alternative, I can see your IT support may take a while to get it fixed, with all that greenery to hang out in.

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