Our Firepower Is Greater Than Theirs

This was the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville on August 17, during a vigil for Heather Heyer, who was killed by an American Nazi on Aug. 12:

Photo credit: Jason Lappa for The New York Times

The ugliness that happened at Charlottesville because of torch-wielding “Unite the Right” assholes. . .

. . .  should not have come as any surprise, and der Drumpf is not solely responsible for giving American Nazis the confidence to march in the light of day. White supremacy is what the Republican party has been dog-whistling for decades. der Drumpf is only saying out loud what the party has been nudge-nudging/wink-winking since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy. So, No, the GOP is not off the hook just because a few Republican politicians scold der Drumpf for his disgusting sympathy for the “fine people” of the alt-right.

What I think we should do, instead of tearing down the statues, is to paint over them, in big words: You Lost.  And for all those wonderful “Christians” who support the Drumpf agenda, we should add: Because God Was On Our Side. Get Over It, For Fuck’s Sake.

And if anyone wants to debate with you that the Civil War was about the glorious cause of state’s rights, remind them that the No. 1 state right that was fought over was the right to own slaves. And if anyone gives you that bullshit about the Stars and Bars being “just a battle flag”. . . ask them why they are proud of being on the losing side? Because they are such losers??

Oh, the hell with it. We should just let them secede. Florida’s going to go underwater away, and would anyone with a fully-functioning brain miss South Carolina?

BTW, those guys in the photo above are giving a Nazi Salute. Klansmen make the same salute, only with the left hand. So now you know.

Here’s a news item about confronting American Nazis that made me laugh. Yvette Felarca, a teacher in Berkley California, is facing assault charges in regards to her participation in a counter-demonstration against the alt-right in 2016, which led to a street brawl when the two forces faced each other. She was filmed hitting a brown-shirt. She wants all charges dropped. Her defense? It’s so pure, so plain: It shouldn’t be a crime to punch a Nazi.

LOVE IT. Also, Yvette Felacra is a teeny tiny Asian-American, so I bet her fists land like little pitty-pats on a big bad White Supremacist (who are all babies).

I know that I have lost Dear Readers of this blog since I started bad mouthing the imbecile in the White House. But here’s the thing: if you don’t speak up against this monstrosity, then your silence condones every perversion of language, truth, justice, and humanity that this der Drumpf piece of shit spews. It’s time to chose sides, people.

In Other News: I read two books last week, both of which I can recommend. This was my favorite:


(But skip the chapter about his favorite pornographer. All porn makes me ill.)

This is a collection of personal essays on the people and things that inspire John Waters. I have never seen a John Waters film. so I am not his built-in readership. But he’s such an odd fellow. . .Who wouldn’t want to read about how he got to be John Waters?

John Waters knows how to keep a story skipping across the pages and I read the whole thing in almost one sitting. YUM. But what I adore most about him is that he has a solid world view, one that is waaaaaay different than mine, but he’s so smart that he can articulate his values and esthetics with such vigor and humor that he makes me wish that I wasn’t so fussy about living a regular, normal life. For instance, I would never wear clothes that cost a ton of money just so I can look bad, but he does (by the famous-for-shredding-seams haute couturier Comme des Garcons) yet he succeeds in making me understand why someone like him (or, more accurately, him) does.  After reading those two millennial authors I discussed last week, whose work was froth, it was like gorging on pure protein to read words that had a long life (John Waters is 70 years old) to back them up, as if each word had a weight to it, a real heft, have stood the test of time and all, that made the story right juicy. And it was like champagne to read about someone his age (John Waters is 70!!) who is still challenging himself and the world to be more creative, less attracted to surface shine. Ah, so that’s how you age gracefully!

This book came out in 2007 but I just around to reading it now:

Joshua Ferris wrote about office work, and the culture there that assumes shape amongst co-workers. And not once did he resort to the usual shorthand — likening it to high school —  about the various roles each cubicle-person plays for the others. And there is a plot, in case that’s what you read fiction for. But mostly I liked the observations about meetings, looking busy, and waiting for the weekend. I did laugh out loud at one point, but then, I think the word “scumbag” is funny.

I’ve been thinking about the various offices I’ve worked in since my first office job in 1973. At one, in the 1980s for heaven’s sake, I was told that the old guy who went around kissing girls on the mouth was just a quirky “something that Ozzie did.” And when I recoiled at his approach to me, and told him No, thanks, some of the ladies criticized me for hurting his feelings.

For those readers in the Long Island area, the office was the inventory admin one at Fortunoff’s (on Fifth Ave) and I was not sad when they went out of business ten years later.

God, I’ve had a lot of crappy jobs.

And so we come to the end of this week’s post. I was laid low by the plague this past week, or something that certainly felt as deadly as The Black Death, so I am out of steam now and I didn’t get to the things that I had planned to write about . . . next week, then.

As bad as these days are, there is still some loveliness in the world. Here is a picture of a recent traffic jam in my little village :

And here’s a picture of some of those antsy Long Island drivers caught in that traffic jam:

Have a great weekend, every one. May all your driver’s seats be full of fluffy, unconditional love.


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  1. Becky

    The beginning of your blog was right on. We must speak out and be vigilant against hatred and bigotry. It is beyond me how people can be so hateful.
    I hear you about Florida. But I for one would miss Charleston. I love the charm of that city.
    The end of the blog made me laugh. Who cannot love ducks waddling down the roadway, annoying puppies who are on their daily jaunt. (Also who is driving that car????). A great way to end the blog.

  2. Maryanne in SC

    “and would anyone with a fully-functioning brain miss South Carolina?”

    Hey, it’s YOUR blog, YOU pay for the bandwidth, and you *did* qualify it with “fully-functioning brain,” (:-) but yeah, I would miss my home, South Carolina.

    I’m not going to ask you to put down the broad brush. I get your point. Just know that there are many many people here who are as heartsick, as angry as you are over the current situation and what it portends.

    With love and respect, Maryanne in SC

  3. The minute we single out groups and offer them bad behavior, we are just as bad as they are.

    We can’t punch nazis (however much we may want to), and we can’t write off whole states because a lot of (#*&$^s live there……..

    They go low, we go high. It’s the only way to actually win, I’m pretty sure.

    Take sides, for sure, but don’t actually punch anyone (unless they are actually punching you, and then it’s self-defense).

    Painting their statues — I like it. 🙂 I read an interesting article on The Conversation about what the Russians have done with soviet statues. So many more meaningful things can be done to them than melt then and pretend it all never happened…………..

  4. mary brickman

    Hey, we’re with you on the Trump the Dumpster. Many of us are waiting, just w a i t i n g for his demise.
    We think he’ll resign , then say he won.

    Your writing and paintings are marvelous. Don’t let one rejection get you down. YOU know you do good work. We do, too.
    Enjoy taking care of them furries you have. Any new ones lately?
    and tell us about Mr. Fluffy.

    M. in Philadelphia

  5. Thea

    That’s my doggies Shredder and Petey! How did they come to be photographed in a Long Island small village traffic jam? They were here in a large village on the beach in SoCal all the time. It’s a mystery for sure.

    Keep on keeping on, dear writer. I appreciate your books, your blog, your art, your words, your fulminating. All of it. I look forward to it.

  6. Janna

    Ahh! I look forward to Friday to read what is going on in your neck of the woods – so to speak. Thank you for the book recommendations . . . I look forward to reading these. Have a great weekend, although once you read this . . . you will already be in the midst if it 🙂

  7. Megan

    Oh Vivian your posts are fantastic. Can’t wait for Fridays. I spoke to a building company the other day and asked if they still used a particular builder, turns out he owns the company, I said I really really liked him, he had an opinion and wanted to share it. I found he was a man who you knew where you stood with, but others find it confronting. You should share your opinion, people don’t have to agree but it is great to hear someone else’s view point, surely?

    I’m not sure if I can post a link here but this may be of interest and apologies if I have overstepped. https://qz.com/702497/the-famous-poem-by-an-anti-nazi-pastor-rewritten-for-donald-trumps-america/

    Love your geese/ducks? Long Island was beautiful on my one and only trip there… friendly people too, although I did have a weird experience in a laundromat. All good though.

    How are the cats?

  8. Kirra

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick Vivian, thanks for still posting this week. I totally agree with you on your crazy president, you need to speak out or you’re supporting them (it’s what we teach the kids at school about bullying, a ‘bystander’ who does nothing is helping the bully). Lovely photo of the peaceful people holding candles for the woman who died, it’s very sad.

    Those books sound like great reads, it’s nice to spend time reading and fininishing books quickly, I always find it absorbing and a good escape from reality. Your village seems pretty set in terms of cute animals, in addition to your collection! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  9. I’ve been away from your blog for some time…because of my sucky life, not because of what you write and post. I love your art and your candor. In fact, it is because of what you write and post that I am now deliberate about regularly reading your posts.

    I feel for the people who love South Carolina and other Southern places…for all the right reasons: access to performance arts, beaches, lovely architecture, and the like. But I am not convinced that these features are effective counterpoint to or in anyway make up for attitudes and behaviors that are evident in cliques and clubs and culture, especially in the South and places like Montana.

    My position is that when people do not speak out about bigotry, they are complicit.

    Parents teach by saying, “We don’t do that. We do this.” Immediate, explicit feedback is essential to good teaching, regardless of the age of the “learner.” We need to label the bad thing, tell why it is bad, and tell / show what to do instead. It is perfectly possible to raise unprejudiced children. The question is whether Americans have the will to do so.

    Please continue to bravely use your voice. Your voice may influence someone’s vote.

  10. Bunny

    Maybe, just maybe he will implode, that’s what I’m hoping for. Our dear potus will just say he’s had enough, and get back to his “almighty” empire. He and his family/cronies can ride off into the sunset, and we will be back to living our lives.
    Love your blog!

  11. Glad you are feeling better but hope by now you are ALL better. The news sure doesn’t do anything good for the psyche — that’s for sure. And if you thought Charlottesville was bad, well, stay tuned. (Did you watch last night? MSNBC (fake news!) fact checked as he went along, thank goodness. Of course, that’s preaching to the converted.

    But I do know plenty of wonderful, wise, progressive people in Florida and SC (including our own “Maryanne in SC”) and trust me — they aren’t all bad!

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