The Internet Ate My Blog Today.

There used to be a blog post here, that had a picture of Taffy being passive aggressive with Bibs:

And how I successfully froze a small quantity of Vouvray while speculating on the pros and cons of drinking wine fro breakfast:

And how Top Cat and I are heading out into the wilds of Long Island to search for a paintable Fall leaf:

But then it disappeared and I apologize to the Commentors who were kind enough to leave a thought or two, and to all you Dear Readers who are wondering why there is not new news from VivianWorld this week . . .

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was 101 years, 4 months, and 26 days old when she died in 2002, a fact that was relevant to the blog post that the internet ate here.

. . . but I do not have the energy or the memory to re-create the Blog Post That Went Away.


Let’s meet back here on Friday and bring your watercolors and your patience. We’re going to watch paint dry!

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  1. Megan

    I thought it was just me, not being able to open your blog post! I am intrigued as to the relevance of HM the Queen Mum… I shall wait until Friday when hopefully all will be revealed? Taffy is so gorgeous how could he be passive aggressive? See you on Friday, can’t wait.

  2. christine

    Can’t wait! Love the single leaf paintings encompassing all the landscape of Autumn; love both the evolving process and the final ta-da!

    We’re having a very disappointing Fall leaf coloring here in western PA…it’s usually gorgeous. We’ve had a hot dry Fall and the word is you need a cool wet Fall for the best color. I’ve never seen a Fall here without the changing leaf color…very odd indeed. The poor weary leaves look burned and are just kind of giving up and falling off. Is anyone out there in Vivian Swift Fan Blog Land enjoying normal Fall leaf color?

  3. I am SO dying to hear about the Queen Mum — even if you give us the Cliff Notes version. I went out the other day to collect a good leaf to paint and hope it stays fresh long enough to pull it off. I love your annual leaf-painting posts so I hope that’s what is in store for Friday. We’ve had a very dull fall here in Michigan, colorwise, even in the beautiful up-north. Anticipating Friday!

  4. Becky

    Yesterday the sky was a beautiful color of deep rose/purple as I walked Katie. A dark stormy sky and rain finished our walk. Both skies were gorgeous in their own right. I have been looking for a fall leaf to paint…..I better hurry because rain and wind are here for the next few days.
    Katie is never mellow like Taffy or Bibbs. That wayward tail looked like a temptation for a swat😊
    Looking forward to watching paint dry.

  5. The leaves are vibrant here in the Evergreen State…on all three deciduous trees, that is. Or they were, until the storm came: 55 mph winds conflated with a steady downpour, for hours. Now, the view framed by the window is all pastel watercolor. Vertical gray-brown trunks with bare branches and backlit drifting clouds. Heaps of sodden, quickly browning cast off leaves dam the runoff and clog the gutters. I am not a lover of fall. And, oh, summer was gorgeous!

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