The Long Island Word for Snow.

November 2, 2017, and it still looks like Summer in my back yard:

We have a teeny tiny baby Japanese Maple out there by the old fence which Top Cat grew from a three-inch seedling. It’s supposed to turn a brilliant shade of scarlet in the Fall but I was wondering, since the season has been such s dud this year, if we would get any color from it in 2017…so here is a selection of the photos I took every morning, around 8am, to track the foliage of Autumn on Long Island.  That’s the Japanese Dogwood in the foreground — the maple is that bitty bright green bush in the back.

And then came December 9, 2017:

Righteous fluff!

This past Saturday gave us our first snowfall on Long Island and you know what that means!!

It’s time for the Cat-O-Meter!

Beginning shortly after the first flakes began to fall at approx. 10:55am,  I took approx. hourly photos of this feisty bunch of felines until it got dark, at approx. 4 o’clock pm. From left to right this is Candy, Taffy, Lickety, and Cindy:

As you can see, my cats move at approx. the same rate as glaciers.  Which means, movement that can only be detected by time-lapse photography.

Our next door neighbor’s cat, Dennis, was also with us during the storm, and he too obliged me with hourly photo updates on how he was coping with the weather (in our dining room window seat):

Dennis gave up his snow watch around the four-hour mark, and moved onto the dining room table, where I was folding laundry and he thought I needed the help of a kitty:

I kept busy on this cold and snowy day by working hard, painting so many new ways of not getting Monet’s garden quite right, and then I  painted two pictures that almost — almostGot It, which I will happily share next week by which time I HOPE TO HELL I will have painted something spiffy.

But until then, Dear Readers, no Long Island snow storm would be complete without the official Vivian Swift Champagne-O-Meter although in this case we are using a fine Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that is my current favorite tipple:

And then it was getting dark and the snow was topping out at approx. three inches and the wine looked to be just about perfectly Winter-Chilled. . .

. . . so that was the end of the first Champagne-O-Meter of the 2017 Snow Season and we put that bottle of Kim Crawford to good use. By pouring it into glasses.

No doubt, Dear Readers, you are as gob-smacked and high-falouti as I am about the way last Tuesday turned out at the Alabama special election for Senator. THANK YOU to all the good people of the Yellowhammer State for choosing decency and yes, it’s a sad day when you have to congratulate people on not voting for a racist pedophile Christian taliban, but we live in strange times and we are taking about Alabama, the Heart of Dixie.

Thank you, African-American voters who turned out for Doug Jones; Thank you, educated urban Democrats who turned out for Doug Jones; Thank you to the 22,819 Republicans who chose the write-in option for their vote (at least you didn’t vote for the pervert in the cowboy hat); Thank you to the unnumbered Republicans who switched their vote from red to blue.

To quote Frank Bruni of the New York Times, Alabamians showed The Powers That Be . . .

. . .  that there are limits to what voters will tolerate, in terms of the lies they’ll believe, the vices they’ll ignore and the distance they’ll stray from civilized norms.

If Alabama isn’t beyond redemption, then the country isn’t, either. To use a word that Moore would appreciate: hallelujah.

As I type this, Roy Moore has not yet conceded. He and his supporters are probably feeling as if God has played a mean trick on them, or maybe they think it’s the Jews what done him in.  But Alabama needs healing, so let me be one of the first to bring us all together, unite us as Americans, highlight the one thing that we call all agree on. And here it is:

 I know we can all agree that Steve is pretty damn cute, curled up in his little straw nest under the big bush on the side of the front stoop, snug and dry on a snowy day on Long Island.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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  1. Kirra

    Yay! Champagne-o-metre! Always looks impressive. Plus a new cat-o-metre, I love their chilled out life. Good luck with your Monet paintings, my 365 fleurs calendar just arrived today and it’s great! I need to visit this garden next time I’m in France.

    Keep up the positive change America!

  2. Tuesday was my best day ever! A clear biopsy, a crafternoon, a musical about Peter Pan and James Barrie and then Roy Moore goes down! Woo hoo! I will remember December 12 for the rest of my life!

    Good to see the champagne-o-meter again, although that means its snow time and so not so glad on that. We’ve got it here and if it comes your way, you’re getting more of it soon, so you’d better stock up on the bubbly. I think your gang o’cats and Lizzie are working on the same page!

    Happy weekend. Stay cozy.

  3. Megan

    Congratulations, I was totally gobsmacked. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Good sense prevailed. Love Taffy… Cindy looks great wasn’t she quite ill earlier in the year, or do I have my kitties mixed up. I do love them all, they look so happy on the couch. Wish I was there with them, how do you pull yourself away? Poor Steve he really is an outdoorsy sort of fellow isn’t he? Let’s see what wonderful thing has happened in a weeks time!

  4. mary

    Good photography in back yard! Caouldn’t see the house there, before . Nice neighborhood.
    Kittys love that couch, as long as the whole family is there, right? They look cozy.
    Once Steve gets the idea, he’ll be inside, too.
    I’d like to see how you accomplish that. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.
    Is Giverny your next book?

  5. First, it was interesting how that house popped up as the leaves fell from your trees.
    Second, it didn’t appear the cats had any interest whatsoever in the snow falling. (Until I saw Steve huddled out there.)
    Third, I love the way you chill your wine, and keep track of the snowfall.
    Fourth, I too cheered for Doug Jones but in a more sober light I was appalled at the fact that nearly half of the voters in that election voted for the perv. As someone else would say, Sad!

  6. Alabama, saw the light. Democracy at work. Your kitties surly love their creature comforts, nice and comfy warm on the couch. Steve is the sporty model, braving the outdoors on a cold snowy day. Seems that Dennis decided to take up residence with you and yours. We got about 5 inches of snow earlier in the week. Very cold, 26 degrees today with more snow predicted. My dwarf Japanese maples were a bit off too. Much less color than previous years. Stay warm and enjoy that lovely wine! Susan

  7. I can not believe the SNOW!!
    Or all those cats. Everyone is moaning about the non-stop pitter patter on thr window sills in Paris..and sometimes it gets quite intense rain and wind and chilly. But thankfully NO SNOW even of it does chill Champagne nicely leaving a huge space in Paris’ tiny fridges..
    Bravo! Carolg

  8. I love the photos of the changing seasons and the unchanging cats!

    Dennis looks like an adaptable sweetheart. How I wish the cute Steve would overcome his PTSD and go inside to sleep on a stack of towels on the dining room table. It tugs at my heart. I guess his maverick nature is part of his charm. At least he lets you make a snug straw bed for him.

    Thank goodness that it is time for the champagne-o-meter. How I wait for this reassuring routine.

  9. Karen

    Yes, thank you Alabama! It could have been so much worse.

    Love the cat-o-meter. We have two cat-o-meters and they are giving the same readings.

  10. Becky

    I love the description of the kitties moving at the speed of a glacier . Calling them a feisty lot made me laugh.
    We had snow here in Pa. but warmer temperatures are back. It is more like November now. If I put champagne out it would be Luke warm….not a good thing at all.

  11. Man, I’ve been off the grid (and it’s made me crazy) and missing your posts!
    Love the over the top reaction of your kitties to the snow – haha!

    Alabama – How did we ever get here where we have to congratulate people for not voting for a racist pedophile? While I’m certainly grateful for the folks who didn’t, I still think the rest of Alabama needs to explain how he was even an option. But then, a significant percentage of people (NOT a majority!) voted for the racist pedophile who now occupies the White House! It’s a crazy world.

    Forget all that for a minute – Merry Christmas!

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