Thank DoG for Cats, or Else Life Would Have No Beauty At All.

I wish that all I had to do to feel good about living in America today was to find me a sunbeam.

But even on my best day I could not match any cool for cat.

This (above) is the effortlessly glamorous Cindy. And . . . YAY! . . . Candy has rejoined the herd, now that we have her skin irritation issues under control, and she is happily snoozing on the brand new living room couches that we wish all the cats would stay far away from:

Meanwhile, back at the Bryant Library Used Book Store, we got in a Kate Spade Blank Book:

And I have longed for a blank book so I could construct an all-white castle and/or Winter-scape. So I googled “the smallest castle in England” because: Why Not?:

And then I did a “sketch” of it, just to see if I understood this structure:

And then the whole Brett Kavanaugh thing took over my life and I am obsessed with this putrid, vile, smash-mouth-worthy slime ball.

I hate this guy. I can not think straight, I hate this guy so much.

OK, I get that the der Drumpf shit stain of a president will nominate a conservative justice to the Supreme Court. I’m OK with that. Because all those Bernie Sanders pus balls thought they were too pure to vote for Hillary but nevermind.

But why do the Republicans back  THIS pile of shit??  WHY?

I will be back here for you all as soon as I wait out the vote on whether or not this self-serving frat jock-strap full of entitled white guy dickishness get approved by the wormly bend-over spineless amoebas of the Republican party, an inevitability I am trying, even as I type, this, to drink away. (My husband is very understanding as to why I have to make myself really, really big vodka tonics [minus the tonic] this past week.)

This is the worst that I have felt, as an American citizen, in my entire life. And I lived through the Watergate hearings.





(Thank you, Yellow Dog Granny for letting me steal your memes.)

I’m out. I have never felt this kind of despair.


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  1. Marcella Blackwell

    Dear Vivian,
    Thank you for verbalizing everything I am feeling about the sad state of affairs in your country.
    The scum from the bottom of the pond has reached us too in the form of Doug Ford as the new premier of Ontario.
    I am filled with such disgust over the fat faced politicians I see and hear that I wonder where the world is headed with so much blatant corruption.
    I worry about what my twin granddaughters will face as they grow older.
    I love and admire your work.
    I deeply respect your feelings and your courage to express them.

  2. I feel your pain. And I avoid news sources as much as possible, and spend lots of time petting the dachshunds instead.

    In happier news, I just got my Richland (WA) Library volunteer ID badge — starting Oct 13, I’ll be doing a weekly shift at their Friends of the Library used book sale room! Kindred spirits! I noticed they had decorated their book room with mobiles made out of books — I’ll have to get photos next time. Not as wonderful as your castles, of course — what could be? Looking forward to seeing another one — Keep Calm and Castle On!

  3. Megan

    So happy to see that Candy has rejoined feline society, she must be feeling so much better. Congratulations to you for sticking it out. What can I say about humans… nothing nice so I will just focus on the cats. Humans are too easily manipulated and mesmerised by a catchy yet false catchphrase. Have a lovely weekend, hear from you next Friday.

  4. Casey

    I could not trust myself to comment while I was at work today. I am spitting mad. MAD MAD MAD MAD.

    There’s a gallon jug of Ripple with my name on it tonight.

    And then, tomorrow, we fight back.

  5. Kirra

    Yay for cats and Candy’s recovery! Here in Salzburg my friends and I are entertained about seeing dogs everywhere, including in shops and restaurants/cafes. We also saw a cat going for a walk outside on a leash! It’s owner must be worried about it getting run over by a car I think.

    The smallest English castle looks very cute and I’m looking forward to your Kate Spade paper version.

    I only hear bits of what is happening in the US and it sounds terrible, I can’t imagine how horrible it is when you’re there. I think one of the most depressing things recently in politics is that it hasn’t really mattered that everybody knows that these men have done terrible things to women, or broken the law, they’ve still been elected or protected from any real consequences. So it just shows how far we still have to go, as it doesn’t matter if it’s a secret or a public fact, these men are still in positions of power. It sucks!

  6. Right you are . Alcohol helps the news-watching these days.
    Barbara Marie is right, too. Kneeling during national anthem is a good idea.
    Thx for kitty info, also.

    Your new hobby , constructing Castles , is marvelous. Very time-consuming, but the results are distinctive.
    You lead a charmed life, Vivian.

    Thanks for enjoyable Friday reading..

  7. Leslie Scutellaro

    I have always seen taking a knee as an expression of reverence, entirely appropriate for those who love the promise of the USA.

    Despair is the devil’s tool. Don’t let evil triumph over you. Let whimsy be your shield. Keep hope alive!

    And on a completely different subject, what’s going on with the Giverny book?

  8. Patricia

    I’m not quitting, I’m getting even instead. I’ve supported some great women candidates (men too) who can defeat a current Republican seat-holder and I will continue to contribute up to the legal limit. If I didn’t have enough money to help I’d be putting up signs and doorbelling. I’m reminding everyone to vote; especially young voters and minority voters who are sadly underrepresented at the voting booth. If you don’t know any good candidates, check Emily’s list;

    Don’t give up. Get even!

  9. When you think it can’t get any worse……
    Have we reached bottom yet?
    Am doing a lot of needlepoint….. and taking photos of veggies.
    When are you coming into the city?
    I like your cats.


  10. Marg-o

    To all those precious Jill Stein voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania who were too pure to support Hillary in 2016:

    Way to go, assholes.

  11. Becky

    Vivian you put into words what I have been thinking regarding this stinking mess… so aptly put. This has been horrifying to watch…..and they have the nerve to say that this is a sad day for men…
    In the words of Pete Souza….”throw shade….then VOTE!” And
    I agree with Barbara Marie.

  12. Margot

    you said it. millions of us are feeling it. election day is coming; payback time. we have to bring this stinking regime of ignorance violence racism misogyny and greed to an end.

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