Gone Fishing.

These are my next door neighbors (left to right) Penelope, Antoinette, and Pork Chop. I am riding herd on them while their parents are at the beach. I am finding it difficult to tear myself away from their cuteness.

Also, I’m in a very bad mood. I am not voting for anyone who was on stage on the second night of the Democratic Circular Firing Squad (except for Joe, who I hope doesn’t run) because if criticizing Barak Obama and Bill Clinton is the only way a candidate can think of “standing out” then here’s my big F.U.

So I’m taking a kitten break today, Dear Readers. Let’s meet up on Tuesday, when I have something more positive to say.

I’ll also have more kitten pictures!

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  1. No one can blame you for taking a kitten break. I wish I could come sit near those kittens (if they would let me) and take a nap. They’re ADORABLE. And the only way they could be more adorable would be if one of them was named Pork Chop…oh wait.

    I am completely looking away from the debates. It’s been a good decision for my mental health thus far, I think.

  2. Tucson Tana

    I saw a sign to hang on a wall in Kohl’s yesterday. It said “One cat short of crazy.” Why did I think of you? Please kiss those fuzzies for me!

  3. Susan

    Such sweet kittens. I, too, am ignoring the debates. Trashing others is not constructive and not informative at all. I look for substance and sadly substance seems absent from the debates. I’ll look forward to more kitten updates.

  4. Kirra

    Enjoy your kitten break! I’m not surprised you’re busy looking after those three, they look like they could get up to some mischief/fun….

    I’m not aware of the debates but it doesn’t sound good. However I’m in England at the moment and Brexit seems even more disorganized from here, hard to believe it was possible! Having a break from news now, doing holiday things and enjoying the good things about England.

  5. I didn’t watch that debate. (Either of them.) And now I’m glad! I already have some ideas about who I’ll support in the primaries, and we have a lot of time between now and then anyway.

    • Vivian

      I want a pet blue jay so badly now. They are smart and bossy and oh, so gorgeous. I’ll have to read the book to find out if there is any down-side to bringing a blue jay into your life, that is, if you have cats. Thank you for this recommendation.

  6. The kittens are darling. But if we start slamming our own people so much, DT is going to have more ammunition to keep slamming. STOP IT, candidates!

    LOVE the kits!

  7. Donna Harrison

    I love reading the blog. I bought “When Wanderers Cease to Roam” a long time ago. You are both a talented artist and writer. My question concerns the blog. It’s on a long scroll and I wondered if I can isolate and save just where I left off without scrolling through it again?

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