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Thank you, Leeann at Can We Have A New Witch Please, Ours Melted, for letting me steal all your fab memes.

I’ve had a miserable week, Dear Readers. For three days in a row I have had to call the Apple “geniuses” to figure out why my iMac is possessed by demons. I’ve spent hours on the phone and all I know is that I now have, thanks to interventions with the “geniuses”,  three Apple devices that do not sync with each other, or, for that matter, the real world.

From what the Apple “geniuses” tell me, because I bought my iMac in 2012, I might as well be typing on a Selectric. And since I got my iPad the same year, I might as well be trying to download the YouTube app on a frying pan. My iPhone hasn’t fucked up yet, but that’s because I mostly use it as a phone.

Remember when, if you learned to read a newspaper — say, The Sandusky Register — in 1819, you could still use the exact same newspaper reading skill 200 years later to read The New York Times? Those were the days. Now, the stuff you learn to do on your devices becomes outdated every six months.

The Stromness Rock had a grand time in eastern Michigan with Dear Reader Jeanie last week, but I have not been able to bring the photos down from the cloud because it’s as if I am trying to lure Copper River salmon with magnets. (My computer is a magnet in this analogy and Jeanie’s photos are the salmon. FYI: You can’t fish with magnets. I’m pretty sure.)

I will write this post, and then I will do the dreaded full-scale OS update. If you can’t find me here next week it will be because that operation didn’t go well and I am in a coma.

But let’s get to today’s deep thoughts about life and art.

Maybe you know the fabulous work of artist Anne Taintor:




Born August 16, 1953, Anne Taintor attended Harvard University, from which she graduated in 1977 with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies.

She moved back to her native Maine, and bounced around in different jobs, including as a waitress and a seamstress, and as a cartographer drawing maps for state atlases, while also working her way through a divorce.

In 1985, while at a garage sale in South Portland, Maine, Taintor came across an old Ladies Home Journal, which prompted her to begin creating what would become her signature work.

She founded Anne Taintor, Inc., which celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020. Taintor’s work is available on her personal website and in thousands of retail locations across 25 countries.

Isn’t her story interesting?

I had to look up what the hell Harvard was getting at in its Visual and Environmental Studies — spoiler alert; it’s “a broad range of studio and theoretical studies”. So, I guess she graduated as an artist, and yet she found her calling at a garage sale, in a Ladies Home Journal.

Now, would she have been prepared to make art with that old magazine if she had not been previously trained in hoity-toity visual and environmental studies? It took her 8 years to find that Ladies Home Journal…without Harvard, would it have taken her 12 years? Or 2? We’ll never know, but I wonder about stuff like this.

I was not familiar with Anne Taintor’s work until last week, when we got a donation of books at the used book store that I manage for the benefit of our local library here on the north shore of Long Island. Inside a copy of a Terry Pratchett mass market paperback (Maskerade), I found a rather striking Anne Taintor postcard; this one:

However, just as Anne Taintor manipulates “found” images to make sarcastic and ironic commentary on women’s secret lives, the postcard that I found in the Terry Pratchett novel had been manipulated into another very personal message:

On the back of it, there was more writing:

For most of the past 15 years, I’ve been happily married. So,  have almost completely lost track of the person I was in my 20s when I could have written this myself — but I wouldn’t have, because I could never have been so raw and honest, so exposed, even to myself.

I wish I knew who previously owned this copy of  Terry Pratchett’s Masquerade. I would take her out for a drink and assure her that things work out, they do. They might not work out the way you think they should, but they work out just fine all the same. We have all been there, caught breathless in this existential panic, but hold on: Find something you love to do and do it. Get a pet. Make art. Dance a lot. Stay away from vodka on weeknights.

This is the exact same advise I give to myself these days, in this epically sickening era of Trump. If I let myself take it all in, I would be writhing in a seething pile of red-hot hatred for all Republicans alternating with a dive deep into an ice-cold pit of fathomless despair for the future of our democracy. And there are Democrats still rooting for Bernie Fucking Fuckwad Sanders?!?!?!?!

So, I try to do something I love at least once a week (daily joy is way too hard, right?). I take care of my cats, who make me laugh most days. I make *cough* art-adjacent things. And I dance.

Well, more accurately, I pound out three miles at 4.0 mph on my morning treadmill at an insanely fast dance beat. By the end I am exhausted and exhilarated and ready to face another dismal and shitty day in Trump’s America.

I start my day with this.

And that, Dear Readers, is K-pop, which if we had had when we were in our teens, we would totally have taken Korean in high school instead of French.

Well, that’s it for this week, Dear Ones.  Have a great weekend everyone, and remember:

And above all, Resist.





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  1. Ernie

    Do not update to iOS 13 or Catalina yet especially the Mac as there are probably old programs on there that will no longer work if you do an update. Don’t go past 10.13 or 10.14. At least for a few months. There is a free app to check which of your old applications will not make the transition.

  2. Megan

    I love this post. Love the cats, very very cute. I live with Ernie and we have lots of old Macs and lots of great old apps so we are living in an IT space that’s trying to meld the old with the new. He’s a bit of a geek so think about delaying your full upgrade if you have ‘old stuff’ on your devices. So how is Lickety hope he’s doing well? I think we are all a bit @&£€ ed really look at world politics I think the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Have a good weekend and remember this too shall pass.

  3. I have seen Anne Taintor’s work all over the place (primarily on refrigerator magnets, I think) and I had no idea it was the work of one particular artist. I thought some graphic design company somewhere was just churning out those images. (Maybe they’re not ALL Anne’s. I suspect not.)

    That card is SO SAD! Wasn’t there a trend for a while where people were leaving intensely personal notes in books for others to find? This is striking a dim chord of memory.

    Sorry about your computer woes. Technology can be a nightmare when it wants to be.

  4. Casey

    So much here today. Thank you for the Halloween kitties. NOW I’m in the holiday spirit.

    I never thought about it but yes, reading a newspaper is a skill that we will have to teach our grandchildren, because chances are that they will grow up and never hold hard copy. I like that it’s something that gets passed down from generations, unchanged. I feel your pain about technology. I hope all goes well with the new operating system and you don’t lose all your passwords. (I speak from experience.)

    Love the Anne Trainor art. I have wondered what gets taught at art school but maybe it’s an attitude. Graduates go forth with an attitude that art is everywhere so maybe that’s what made her Ladies Home Journal encounter so pivotal for her. I’ve seen old magazines but I’ve never had the inspiration to tag them with insights about women’s lives, like she does. Her work is great.

    Your postcard is unreal. Could it be a whole ‘mother art work? Maybe someone leaves piercingly sad notes in used books as her art.

    Thanks for the weekly Dumpster editorials. Are we at the beginning of the end yet?

  5. Barbara D

    Love the cat photos. The one of the missing second pumpkin being the best. Cat photos help get us thru each unbelievable day of the current wacky doodle administration.

    You are so right that reading a newspaper seems to be a dying art. I’m attempting to pass it on to my granddaughter by having her read the comic sections. Not much but the seed is being planted.

    I feel for your computer woes. I avoid updates. Perfectly happy without them.

  6. Kirra

    Sorry you had a shitty week, I hope Apple sort out your devices for you soon. A friend of mine is trying to get the internet connected to the house they’ve just moved into and it is proving to be rather hard, you think that would be a basic service by now (we are in Australia….). Your post totally made my day though, so thanks for still writing.

  7. Love your political attitude! And it is time to get over Bernie too. Looking forward to Jeanie’s rock pictures. I am sure she must have taken it on some fun adventures. And the postcards and picture art are indeed fun.

  8. I feel your tech pain. A combo of things — total nervousness that when they stop servicing Windows 7 they will make me go to Windows 10, which I hear is total hell. They upgraded my email system and now the address book is all weird and I can’t figure out the half of it. And it’s raining.

    And you can’t download my pix. Want me to email them to you? I can easily enough, I just don’t want to crash your box.

    Love Anne Taintor’s work — of course I’ve seen it but had no idea. Just figured it was some collage artist with a big collection of 60s photos/drawings which it is, I suppose. But I thought many. The postcard breaks my heart.

    And I join you in the newspaper brigade. What will happen when someone erases the cloud and everyone’s communication base disappears? No love letters from the Churchills; no diaries that last beyond a delete button (though some of mine should have been deleted…). Ah, well. Almost time for you to post again and here I catch up on two. Let me know on the pix… email or try wetransfer again?

  9. Patricia

    Now I want the K-pop band’s stylist. I think the look with long hair and bangs would totally work on me. I just need the clothes, lighting, skin and youth to go with it. And lose 40 lb to fit into the clothes.
    That postcard is true. For all of us at least at one point in our lives. I am so very glad it’s no longer true for me.

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