As If These Were Normal Times.

There’s an “app” called Waterlogue that will take your photographs and turn them into watercolors:

 I have a similar app, called My Own Two Hands.

Photograph (taken by myself):

Watercolor by My Own Two Hands:

It’s been another terrible week in TrumpWorld and if I have to think another thought about the Republican shits who are trying to ID the Whistleblower because they are the shittiest shit stains to ever park their fat asses in Congress…I will go crazy. So let’s pretend that we live in normal times, and let’s look at how My Own Two Hands take photographs and turn them into watercolor illustrations.

Let’s Go!

Now I’ve got to run, because I’m on a secret mission to have a ton of fun in some place that is not the north shore of Long Island, and I will tell you all about it next week.

Meantime, Welcome back to Oz Kirra; thank you for all your input on the dangers of installing a new OS on an unsuspecting computer; and yeah, I think that post card from last week might have been — dare I say it — “art”.

Oh, and meantime, Fuck Trump and all his little and subsidiary Trumps.

Have a great weekend, Dear Ones. We will get through this. We will.


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  1. Kirra

    Thanks Vivian! I love seeing your photos and watercolours side by side. Have a great time somewhere else than Long Island. I’ve had a pretty shitty week myself but it doesn’t compare to the shit-storm that is Trump (I cringe every time he’s on our news, ugh).

  2. Every one of your watercolors improves on reality magnificently. I wish you could do it with the whole world.

    best… mae at

  3. Casey

    What a delight to see your watercolors again. So now I see how you “see” what you see in your reference photos. Fascinating.

    Off for fun?? I hope you will name names when you get back.

  4. I love all your watercolors. If I had hands as skilled as yours, I wouldn’t need Waterlogue — but sadly, I need Waterlogue. 🙂

    By the way, I meant to tell you I’m reading “The Diary of a Bookseller” on your recommendation. Loving it so far!

  5. I’m longing for more Vivian make-your-own-app lessons! Maybe in the winter when there’s loads of inside time to paint our hearts out! I love each and every one — they are all little treasures. Much lovelier than waterlougue OR even your OWN pix!

    By the way, loved the Korean cover treatments in the last post. Very different but I knew right away!

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