Rainy Day Cats

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, Boy, that Vivian sure can wrap a hutch.

There was rain in the forecast for Sunday ,  a chilly early Fall rain. Panic!  I had to rush out and get the  hutch rain-proofed for my backyard cats!  First, I insulated the walls and floor with down-filled sleeping blankets that I got from the thrift sotre ($5 each! What a bargain! )

The I wrapped three big-ass tarps wrapped around it, giving it eight layers of tarp.

The rain started right on schedule, around 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon. At first, Taffy and Lickety thought that their hutch was just a fancy stationery umbrella.

But then Taffy figured it out (that’s the tip of his tail you see, there, disappearing through the hutch doorway).

And then Lickety got a clue.

After a while, the mama cat Candy wandered by, took a look at her boys up in the hutch, and decided to find her own perch out of the rain.

Yeah. She sat out the rain in the rhododendron tree. Sigh. When I checked up on her later, she’d left the tree and had gone to her cubbie in the garage, so I could stop worrying about her spending the afternoon in the rhododendron tree.

It rained heavily ALL AFTERNOON, and into the night. It was still raining when I woke  up in the middle of the night and heard rain  and began to worry. I hoped that all my little feral cats were all tucked up in a dry, warm, cozy place. So that’s why I was out in the backyard at 3:22 this AM to check up on my herd:

That’s Taffy, Lickety, and Oscar from next door, high and dry.

I really should have made that hutch big enough so I could crawl in and curl up in the middle of all that purring.

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  1. Sallyann

    I do not have feral kitties but like you I worry about my feline pals. They are allowed to go out to the garden during the day but by dusk I am rounding them up and making them come in for the night. We occasionally have a passing coon or stray cat pass through the garden after dark and I do not want my “babies” to get into a match with one of them. But as it is the way with 2 people living in the house, sometimes one of us will assume the other has gotten them in.
    So I have become the designated person to do a head check every evening, making sure all are safe and sound.
    I love what you are doing for these beautiful kitties and even though they are not “user friendly”, I am sure they appreciate all you are doing for them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Helen McHargue

    It’s a kind of cat IQ test1 Or maybe a ferality meter….the more domesticated the cat genes, the more likely they’d be to get in the hutch? Or maybe neither. I had a very smart cat once who just liked the rain. He’d go out and sit under something, but he’s rather be out in it than cooped up. I love your engineering prowess and the funny photos.

  3. Nadine

    Tigers love water — I’ve seen them swim at the zoo. It’s funny that the boys ran for cover while Mama cat wasn’t scared. Or maybe she doesn’t like the sound of rain on tin.

  4. I’ve tried to keep feral cats cozy (not this elaborately) but they would never get into it and make themselves at home. This was, of course after I had already adopted and found homes for all that I could handle.
    That’s a wonderful architectural marvel you’ve made for those guys.

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