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Thank you, Fiona Hill, Lt. Col. Vindman, Daid Hale, Gordon Sondland, Bill Taylor, George Kent, Jennifer Williams, and especially Ambassador Yovanovitch.













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  1. Kirra

    Thank you Vivian! These are all excellent. I do love the ‘raging stupids’ and ‘operation let them speak’.
    I’ve heard a bit about it here in Australia, it’s always so painful hearing Trump talk though (on the radio they talking about how he likes having press conferences in front of helicopters to make himself look important and also impossible to hear other people talk. Such an idiot) how much has he cost the US economy for people being stressed out by him as president?! I imagine a lot.

  2. Penny Herrington

    Humor may keep us from screaming. At least I hope so. I cannot believe I am witnessing the downfall of democracy and seeing such a corrupt and immoral man in the white house. The republicans are compromised and no telling what Putin has on Mitch.

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