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After last week’s rant against capri pants I feel that, as a renowned fashion blogger, I owe you fine Readers some sincere advise about good taste.

This is a Must Have for those of you who want to show the world your  style-consciousness:

You can get this on Amazon for $16.99. It comes in 10 colors (I got mine in black, because I always go classic) and can be worn by any human being who has a heart and a few brain cells. (P.S. That’s not me in the photo. I’ll post a pic of me when I find the charger to my camera.)

I wouldn’t wear this T-shirt to Costco or when I volunteer to read stories to children at the library, but it might come in handy on Election Day (a mere 269 days away).

Another thing I forgot to tell you about Florida was that the plane home from Southwest International Airport to JFK was deliciously roomy due to the fact that 1/3 of the seats were empty. Four days later, when Top Cat flew to San Fransisco, he told me that his flight was half full. I think the COVID-19 virus panic is starting to show its upside. I have to take a trip later this month and I’m hoping to have the plane all to myself.





For the past five weeks I’ve been schlepping into Manhattan every Saturday afternoon to hang out in Koreatown and I feel great. There is no panic on 32nd Street.

I’m going to Koreantown to take my Korean language beginner class with emphasis on learning to read the written form of it and the book we are using is called Korean Made Easy which is annoying because, as is true of every thing that promises to make losing weight, finding enlightenment, or earning $100,00 in your spare time EASY, it is a lie.

Very few things in life are really, truly EASY and learning a foreign language isn’t one of them. I don’t need to be sold on a new adventure with the pitch that it will be EASY and it’s embarrassing that we live in a culture that makes those kinds of promises. I don’t mind it if something will be hard, I’m willing to make sacrifices and dig in and do the work, except for dentistry. I really wish there was an easy way to keep your teeth looking good in your 60s but it seems that can’t be done without a LOT of work.

I’ve been spending some quality time with my dentist lately and even though all I have to do is sit still for 40 minutes at a time, it’s the hardest thing I’ve done in the past decade or so because for some reason, my dentist insists that I remain conscious during our sessions so, good-bye dreams of a propofol snooze and waking up with beautiful teeth.

Thank you, modern dentistry and Mr and Mrs Kim of Deagu, South Korea, for this.

In the end it will be worth it, but meantime I can’t decide if modern dentistry is a miracle that saves us from an old age of hideous toothlessness, or if it’s just medieval barbarity with 21st century tools.  I’m doing it the hard way, one tortuous thousand bucks at a time, and the sad thing is that I’m usually in so much discomfort when we finish that I can’t even tolerate a glass of wine as my just reward. Warm water mixed with honey is my drink of choice lately. No wonder I’ve been in a bad mood since Ground Hog Day.

I want to thank all of you — Christine, Tracy, Megan, Angel, Margaret, Steve, Carol, Mae, Karen, Marilyn, Megan, Casey, Jeanie, Kirra, and Maryanne in SC — for your kind words about Lickety. It’s been a month and I still get those jarring reality checks when I remember that Lickety won’t be showing up for breakfast any more.  Or  this:



in memory of a Really Good Cat, this week’s installment of our regularly scheduled Resist-A-Thon is dedicated to Lickety.





















Have a great weekend, everyone. Have yourselves a wine cooler for me.



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  1. Thanks for the laughs (OMG the one about the kid made to wear the Trump t-shirt…!). Welcome to the United States of Insanity. My current plan of waiting for Doctor Who to turn up at the last minute to save the Earth isn’t working out, sadly.

    COVID-19 hoarders and doomsday preppers are on the rise. A friend told me the grocery aisles here in southeastern WA state were now devoid of toilet paper, sanitizers, and beans. No beans at all (possibly due to a large Hispanic population here, but I don’t want to be culturally insensitive — maybe it’s just practical, non-perishable protein for one and all).

    I told her I was going to stock up on champagne and chocolate. When the Apocalypse comes, I sure as hell won’t be facing it down with a can of refried pinto beans.

    Love the t-shirt!

  2. Casey

    Oh Lickety, you were a work of art.

    Sorry to hear about your dental ordeal. It’s never easy. BUT WHO IS THAT GUY WITH THE SMILE???

    I always look forward to Friday’s Trump-A-Thon but today I got the biggest laugh from the cups of coffee thing. She’s going to fight the moon…I’m still laughing. I only wish I had that energy.

    OK, your wish is my command. An extra wine cooler for Vivian! It’s Friday!!!

  3. Teeth! Another bit of evidence that we weren’t the result of intelligent design, we’re just a pile of evolutionary kludges. Almost as bad as the reproductive system or the pelvis.

    As always thanks for the painful gallows humor, but it really is funny.

    best… mae at

  4. Megan

    Look at Lickety, that kid knew how to have a good time, bless his little cotton socks. Sorry about the dentist, sadly I know how you feel, however I am buying his kids a good education. Still I did get a laugh from some of the Friday Trump-a-thon. Oh and a thought, what would you rather have food or toilet paper, has the world gone more insane? I have toilet paper and I am happy to share and no I did not stockpile I get a three month delivery of bamboo Who Gives A Crap and it normally lasts me up to a year.

  5. Yes, everything would be better if Warren was president, but let’s make her majority leader in the Senate. How what things we can do. Voting blue for sure!
    Good luck learning Korean! I took a class a few years ago to learn French and what came out of my mouth was Spanish. Who knew! I took Spanish was I was much younger.

  6. Kirra

    Thanks for still sharing the Lickery cuteness! I’ve never lost a pet before like that, it would be hard (only our family dog, but I’d moved out of home by then and didn’t see her anymore).

    Your fashion advice is on point! All the best with the Korean and the dentist. You’re right it’s strange to use ‘easy’ for learning a foreign language…..note the dentist doesn’t say it will be ‘easy’ having your teeth fixed.

    My favourite this week is the one about the US being like the Roman Empire collapsing but with WiFi.

    (My cousin and his wife and baby were visiting us here in Australia this last week, from the US where they live, and we got to hear direct from them the craziness that it is, at least from our point of view.)

  7. Oh Lickety, you are missed by us all. My dentist, Dr. Mengele, has improved in recent years. But we had a very long period of adjustment. Well, it’s better than my cousin’s orthodontist who had the endearing moniker of “Manure Hands.”

    I hope your plane is empty. Just you. No germs. Stay healthy. God knows I’m trying! And thanks for the DTs this week!

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