Part Two.

Well, let’s start with the press conference held on March 22, when NBC reporter Peter Alexander posed this question:

Peter Alexander responds:

Jon Zal pointed out something important about this exchange:

P.S. Jon Zal is a writer and former U.S. Army Military Police K-9 Handler. Originally from Boston, he now resides in the Philadelphia area. He blogs at

And that’s all you need to know about Der Drumpf is leading us to winning so much over this flu-like “nothing” that we’re all going to be so tired of winning when this is over.



























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  1. No arguments here. But hey, I’m from that state where we have the “young woman governor” who happens to be one tough cookie and will fight for our ventilators — which I have a feeling we are going to need big time in the next few weeks. We’re already number four nationwide. I never thought being number four from a pool of 50 would be a bad thing.

    Stay well, world. And stay in!

  2. I will say United wouldn’t return my money for an airplane ticket to India, but said I can use it sometime before January. Hoping they keep their words and this virus thing is over before then. So they are keeping peoples money and probably making interest while it sits there. BooHoo!
    And for Trump, he doesn’t know anything other than his selfish ways.
    Putting my jeans on daily even if for just a few hours because I need to know I can still fit into them.
    And sure that makes sense that China would make the ventilators and then Trump would refuse to take their help. He is a stupid idiot and I don’t say that lightly. He is an arrogant old white guy that should be hung by his finger nails.

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