Friday Is My Second Favorite F-Word.

Taffy and Bibs and Cindy showing us how professional nappers do it.

Since I’ve been house-bound for 11 days straight as of today, I have discovered napping. It is glorious to go back to bed in the middle of the day and have the kinds of dreams that you only get when you day-sleep.

So far, I’ve been married to a Korean cop; I’ve had baby dolphins swim in my sunken living room which was filled with water; I’ve been flying (not in a plane) over treetops in Africa (again); and I’ve been making puns in French (which I would never do in waking life — I loathe puns).Of course, that means also that I’m up until midnight, but since everything else about my daily schedule has been up-ended, why not try out a new sleep pattern as well?

I’ve been pretty good about staying in the house for the past 11 days but today I will have to venture out of the neighborhood to re-stock on my comfort food of choice, the only way I will get through the April lockdown that our governor has advised for New York:

I love this stuff. It’s a little ball of vanilla ice cream wrapped in rice dough and it’s just the right amount of sweetness and the right amount of ice cream (which is not one of my favorite foods) as I want to eat in one sitting. There’s nothing else I crave, nothing else I want to stress-eat. So I’m putting on the face mask and heading out to the Korean grocery store this afternoon.

This week Top Cat and I did something normal. We drove to the edge of the north shore of Long Island and watched the sun set over Long Island Sound and took a bottle of champagne to toast Spring:

A reminder that some things last longer then fear, sickness, bad times, and sadness. We will get through this.

It’s a five mile drive to “our” spot, and we passed lots of shuttered businesses and closed-down shopping centers and one totally empty parking lot after another. Of course there was no one in sight on the beach, or all along the shoreline, and not a single plane flew over head (and this is in the flight path of both Kennedy airport and La Guardia airport).  I said to Top Cat, “This must be what The Rapture feels like.” Because I definitely know that I’m going to be left behind, and now I’ve seen what exactly that’s going to look like. I’m OK with it.

When I watch the news I see such awful things happening to New York City — a field hospital set up in Central Park, bodies put in refrigerator trucks because of over-filled morgues, a 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ship anchored off the west side that only has 20 patients on it because it refuses to take anyone who has not tested negative for COVID and there aren’t bought tests so very few people are getting tested, etc. But from what I’ve experienced in my neighborhood, life is pretty calm and we are not panicking.

We know 5 people how ave tested positive for COVID, and they all live and work in New Jersey: an 82-year old man, two men in their 60s, a guy in his 50s, and a young guy in his mid-30s. The guy in his mid-30s is the fittest of them all, and he’s then in the hospital on a respirator, so you never know how this disease is going to hit.

In case you stop by some day and don’t see me here, I should warn you that WordPress has been hinkey this week. I couldn’t get access to this blog for two days and then suddenly this morning I got in, so here’s hoping that there’s no breakdown in the network but this might disappear again.

Until then, let’s get busy with the regularly scheduled Fuck Trump* portion of this blog.

*I’m so tired of this guy. So I’m adding a lot of other stuff that made me laugh this week. I hope it helps you all get through a Friday morning.


























Have a great weekend, everyone. And stop by on Wednesday — there is too much going on to restrict our visits to once a week. See you!


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  1. Casey

    So right. There will be beautiful sunsets and ocean waves when this is all over, and during. I wish I lived close to a coast, I need some sea views. I’m doing OK in self-quarantine, doing my bit to keep America healthy, unlike the asshat in the White House.

    Thanks for the much needed laughs today. It’s raining and I’m done with moody weather.

  2. Barbara D.

    Another post on Wednesday! Yes please. Your posts are what is getting me thru these Days of Lots of Wine and No Roses. Thank you Thank you.

  3. Marg-o

    Until I saw the first Fuck Trump item I did not think about Trump’s lack of feeling and empathy for the families of those who have died. No, she’s rather brag that his ratings are though the roof. And he’d rather fire a Navy captain for speaking the truth about how the Armed Services are being used — again — for political fodder. I hate that guy.

    Good to know that the cats are keeping up with their strict napping schedule. Can’t let standards fall just because we’re all on lockdown.

    I am staying away from people and the news. I am also staying away from housework, quite a feat considering that I’m in the house all day, every day. Yes, I can ignore whatever is right in front of my face. Thank the goddess for Netflix.

  4. I haven’t resorted to napping yet, but it could still happen. I can’t believe what I’m reading about New York. This virus really is an unbelievable nightmare.

  5. Kirra

    Love the photo of the napping cats, I don’t have much napping or any cats in my life at the moment so I enjoy seeing it here. Your afternoon nap dreams sound fun.

    Now, I did not know you could get mochi ice cream and now I seriously want some, will see what the shops have today. Enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing the sunset, a good point to drive down to the coast and enjoy the view, maybe I’ll do that on Easter weekend.

    I love your mixed curated selection, the ones out burning your friends was hilarious to me!

    See you on Wednesday, looking forward to it.

  6. Kirra

    I forgot to say, it is really sad to see what is happening in New York……and other parts of the world but some places it is so extreme already.

  7. Adrienne

    Thank you for this – it’s exactly what was needed. If I am aware that it’s Wednesday, I will look forward to checking for another post.

  8. Now that’s an idea — a drive to the ocean, a bottle of champagne. I was thinking I really should drink the good stuff now. It would be a shame to leave it behind. I live in the state with “that woman governor” and she’s doing a great job. But it’s getting very ugly, especially in Detroit but people move around. We’re not immune here. I’m in most of the time except for a walk when we’re lucky enough to get sun. In it to win it – at least till they get a vaccine. Ah, to be Lizzie. She doesn’t know squat.

  9. You have pretty good dreams, lady!

    Once upon a time I thought Sean Connery was a sexy man. Then I read or heard an interview wherein he said it was okay to slap your female partner if you didn’t like what she was saying or she wouldn’t stop talking. Now I’d like to slap HIS fucking face. Prick.

    Up here in Saskatchewan, for me things seem pretty much as normal except that I’m working for the past couple weeks at home rather than in the village office in my hometown, and didn’t go into the grocery store yesterday because I didn’t feel like waiting in line outside the door when there isn’t anything we absolutely need right now. There was no line-up across the street at the liquor store so I went there instead and bought two bottles of wine. That should keep me for quite a while.

    No one I know is sick, and I’m more than happy to stay home — it’s my preferred place to be. I do have a farmyard outside my door so can go walking if I want, though my husband insists he’s seen cougar tracks right in the yard and so now I’m a bit nervous and haven’t gotten back to my 6 a.m. pre-winter walks. It’s light out now at that time of day but I have this perfect excuse to sit on the couch and drink coffee instead.


  10. Oh, thank you for the Taffy nap glamour shot, every time I see that bad boy I just want to bury my hands in that luxurious fur and give him the lightest of loving scritches. Best thing I saw on the Interwebs this week.

  11. Carolg

    Reading this and eating chicken soup while still lolling in bed at 10:57 am was not a good idea. There may be one other person on my floor.(building)..I’ve not seen them. If they are here they were disturbed by my uncontrollable laughter assuredly. Having the option of another room to go to or another person to kick around occasionally seems delightful. Instead i’m making do with feeding a crow on my windowsil and throwing orange peels at the shameless pigeons stealing his oatmeal. I refuse to think about the concierge below finding the peels…. Anyway Big Merci for so much wit amd laughs. I’ve forwarded to others in need of same.

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