What Day Is It? Did I Ask That Already? Was It Today or Yesterday?

Denver, Colorado:

Somewhere in North Carolina:


Lansing, Michigan:

Buffalo, NY:

Fun Fact: The Liberate New York protest took place in a traffic circle in Buffalo, the state capital. About 50 cars and trucks drove in a circle for about four hours. Twitter called it The Moron 500.


Sydney, Australia:


Top Cat and I had our first COVID-quarantine-induced argument yesterday.

I  was at the kitchen sink, cracking an ice cube tray for our evening V&Ts. We have crappy ice cube trays, so I was struggling to get the tray to work right, and the ice was chipping and breaking into shards and I was annoyed. By the way, I do not have a poker face.

I heard Top Cat come into the kitchen so I turned to glance at him.

Top Cat stops short and complains, “Why are you giving me such a dirty look?”

This surprises me, so I insist: “I wasn’t giving you a dirty look — it’s the ice cube tray! I hate it!”

But T.C.  isn’t buying it. “No, no, no, you’ve been in a bad mood for days and I’ve seen that look before.” He’s actually getting mad.

I try to reason with him: “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? Didn’t we just had a really nice “date” night on Saturday?”

Top Cat shoots back, “No, that was Thursday and you’ve been pissy ever since.” And he storms out of the kitchen (as much as a guy on crutches can “storm” out of a room).

I went into the living room and tried to explain what just happened but it only made T.C. more irritated…it didn’t help that I thought it was funny and he was dead serious. So we had cocktails in separate rooms. I’ve never heard Top Cat use the word “pissy” in any situation before.

This is what happens when you are cooped up too long.

Things here in lockdown on the north shore of Long Island are still, for the most part, OK. I finished my Chinese historical drama and finished a 24-episode of a Korean historical drama that was SO SAD, which is Standard Operating Procedure for any Korean love story but especially true when it’s set during the Japanese Occupation of 1910 – 1945 (brutal, just brutal). So now I’m sworn off of K-dramas and I might even READ A BOOK this week.

Let’s meet on Friday and compare lockdown sob stories.

And, oh yeah: Fuck MAGAs.


























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  1. OK, I laughed out loud (and quite loudly!) at that North Carolina sign. That is the funniest thing ever. Why are Trump supporters so often functionally illiterate? (Don’t answer that.)

    When these COVID-related closures and lockdowns began, one of my co-workers immediately said, “This is going to test a lot of marriages!”

  2. Megan

    So very sorry you and Top Cat have had this unfortunate misunderstanding. I guess this situation is trying the patience of all. I am left somewhat speechless after your post and I really despair for the English language and also people who think it is okay to sacrifice the lives of others… please let Karma bite them hard.

  3. Casey

    This is funny. I mean, your argument with Top Cat is funny, only because I can relate. On my Twitter TL i got a great tweet about a couple in lockdown who had a lengthy discussion about whether “Fishsticks” was a Dog name or a Cat name. They don’t even have a dog or a cat, but this is what we talk about these days with our NEAR and too dear.

    Fish sticks is a shitty name for any pet.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh and a reality check. I am clawing the walls. I need to get out, but I do not want it so bad that I’ll run into a Trump supporter.

  4. Quote to add to your collection:

    “Having some states shut down and some states not lock down is like having a peeing section in the swimming pool.”

    There are other variations of this. Forgive me if you’ve heard it already.

    be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. OK, when I saw the Donner party one, I just lost it. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and when they asked for your name said, “Donner. Party of Two.” Very few people get it. Kids are dumb these days.

    So far, Rick and I haven’t had any arguments or snits, but that’s what happens when we live in different houses. If we were in the same house 24/7 we would clearly put you and TC to shame! (Although we almost had an argument when he lost my Blue Cross and Medicare cards. Now I’m really hoping I don’t get sick before my new ones come. He took them when he was taking something of mine to the lab and that’s the last either of us have seen of them. I can’t trip on sidewalk cracks, hurt my back or get covid before they arrive.

    These days lately? I’m opting for Tranny.

  6. Kirra

    Forgot to check the blog on Wednesday again, so am reading it before Friday’s post on Saturday.

    You know I agree with you about ice cube trays, our were crap so I did some research online and got the ones suggested on the Wire Cutter review website and they have been good. Maybe it’s time for some new ones?

    It’s always the worst when someone thinks a misunderstanding is funny and the other doesn’t. Hope it’s sorted out soon.

    I heard from my Korean friend that the Japanese occupation was really bad and affected the country for many years afterwards as well.

    From the other side of the world America is just looking crazy. Places like New York are just horrific and then there are people ‘protesting’ like this.

    Thanks for the laughs as always!

  7. The protester poster that has stuck with me is “My Body , My Choice!” A new twist on one they would vote against if used for women’s rights, but OK if it relates to the pandemic. They don’t care if they die as long as they get their tattoo or hair colored. Ugh!

    It is a crazy world out there and I am glad to be safely tucked away in my house even if sometimes inside the house it get crazy living with a “live-in gardener” and a too old son.

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