One of These Days.

The 2020 class of North Salem High School in New York is going to be holding a social distancing graduation next month in a drive-in movie theater in Amenia (39 miles to the northeast). Grads and their families will park their cars in one of 103 designated bays (it’s a small class). The valedictorian will present her speech on the movie screen and the principal will distribute a diploma to each senior via one of those long-handled gripper things your Grandma uses to get the Wheaties off the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.

Afterwards, everyone will watch the perfect movie for this time of pandemic isolation.

Groundhog Day.

I think this is the cutest story to come out of COVID.

I did not go to my own high school graduation, but then, I went to four different high schools so I never got attached to any one of them. But for kids who spent their lives in one place, I understand that it is a rite of passage to say one last Good-bye to childhood and, if necessary, a big F U to the hometown at graduation. So I hope everyone as fun, and will have one good memory of 2020 to hold in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

And maybe we will all get one such memory for us to cherish when this is all over.

Mine might be the lovely, meditative two-hour afternoon naps I’m starting to take, when the world is silent in the middle of the day and I have n o t h i n g else to do and my mind is at ease and I can finally escape from over-thinking every damn thing in my life. Or maybe it’ll be my new addiction to internet porn. One or the other.

And, oh yeah. Fuck Trump.












And as promised, I have some thoughts to make you ponder.

This is for you, word nerds:































See you on Friday.

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  1. Kirra

    Enjoy your afternoon nap Vivian!
    I loved these language jokes, my new favourite phrase is ‘We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it’. Ha ha!

  2. What a wonderful graduation story. Graduation is a bigger deal these days than it was when I was in high school. We were excited but no one had parties or open houses. Times have changed.

    Sweet dreams. (Please let them be better than my typical overnight covid dreams… )

  3. Megan

    One of those ‘quotes’ really made me laugh, not sure that was the intended reaction, but good to have a laugh. Have a great weekend.

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