Yes, I’m Still Painting With Paper Towels.

After reading my last post (last Friday), you might be wondering: So what else can you, Great and Wondrous Vivo, do with that rolled up piece of paper towel (see below)?

And what else, Vivo the Magnificent, do with those bleeding water colors (see below)?

Well, I was dabbling this past week, trying not to notice that I’m a month behind schedule in meeting the dire deadline of December 1 for when I h ave to turn in 208 pages of text and all 300 illustrations for That Damn France Book, and I rolled me some clouds (see below)…

…and I bled me some earth-colored watercolors (see below)…

…and I came up with a vineyard in Bordeaux:

See? Even I sometimes listen to me, and use my own painting tips! (I know — I’m as surprised as you).

I have 57 days to get my Dan dance Book book done on time. That’s 912 waking hours. Minus the week I’ll be traveling in October (if you’re in the Baltimore area, come see me on Oct. 25!) and the weekend that I’ll be in D.C. at Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity (Oct. 30!) and that leaves 768 waking hours. Minus 700 hours in which I just sit and watch my cats do cute stuff and that leaves me well and truly *#@??ked up.

I really have to go now.

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  1. Jacquelyn

    yes, art in the real world….viva vivo!!

    This is Nancy Pearl’s 2nd or 3rd, maybe even 4th book lust. One can choose a place and then find a book about that place.
    Well, guess who shows up in the chapter entitled
    “Where iin the world do these books belong?”.
    Or better yet, what? Categorically unfit.
    Oddly enough, I had just banned myself from library books so that I can get something done. Arriving early for a meeting at library, I just wandered in for an eye roam over “new arrivals”
    and found this book. Took it into the meeting to browse and while there the library closed and I have in my hands my first ever unchecked out book. In fact no one else has checked it out yet either. Happy Banned Books week…or is it month? And please Vivian, do take lots of pics and make us some good reports on restoring sanity rally.

  2. Nadine

    Moderates Unite! I’m going to Jon Stewart’s rally in DC, too. Maybe we should have an impromptu “When Travelers Cease to Roam” rally at the same time as JS’s rally at the Washington Memorial.

    As for the time crunch, Vivian: tell you cats to stop being cute.

  3. Nadine; Cats do not listen. Besides, they can’t help being cute.

    Hey, I’m going to JS rally, too. I’m from Philadelphia. Already have ressies for Amtrak.

    Paper towel is genius, Vivian.

    Name a time and place and we’ll all meet. I’ll make a Poster for WWCTR if you want it.

  4. Rachel

    That really is amazing. I am not going to the rally, a bit too far from San Diego, but I actually do know a couple of people who are going. Still, what other group about books and art, of this size, would turn up with so many folks making that journey. Have a super time, I am sorry to miss the meet-up, and my sympathies are certainly in the same direction.

  5. Hey, who else is coming?
    JS said last night that we shd go to the EAST end of the Mall. ai don’t know where that is.
    Supposed to be far away from Lincoln Memorial; right? I’m going…

  6. Ok.: I have letters for a sign. All I need is people for Vivian Swift, writer of TWO books to meet in DC and enjoy what we have in common. A GOOD BOOK.
    I AM staying at THE MARIOTT 1221 22nd St. NW.
    I’ll be there Friday night by 5 p.m
    I invite Vivian , and whoever is interested in getting together before my bed time, which is 8 p.m.

    How else will we ever be able to tell Vivian how much we love her book, and want to see the new one? AND get to meet her. Have her sign our own book, maybe.
    They MUST have a bar. I’ll put up my WTCTR sign somewhere.

    Shall we do it?

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