COVID Fever Dream.

Last night I had a dream about punctuation. I dreamt that I was showing someone a line in a book, and I pointed out the semicolon, right there between two independent clauses, and it glowed as if it were a swarm of fireflies lighting up a warm July night sky.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” I asked; and then I thought to myself, “I should use more semicolons.”

I woke up and went downstairs and started making my toast for breakfast when a random thought hit me and made me stop what I was doing. “Wait.” I thought to myself. “Did I have a conversation yesterday about semicolons, or was that a dream?”

And then I remembered that I hadn’t talked to anyone at all yesterday, so yes. I had a dream about semicolons.

Quarantine does strange things to your mind.




































Dear Readers, I actually do this. I hold up Taffy and Cindy to say “Hi” to everyone in my Korean class.


That’s the daily Fuck Trump for Wednesday, May 20. See you all on Friday!






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