I’m Having Cheerios and Vodka for Dinner at 2 PM Because There Are No Rules.

The title of today’s post come from my friend, the HBIC of Georgia, where the Republican governor has been lying about the state’s COVID figures so he can open up beauty parlors and bars, and where confirmed cases of coronavirus have increased 26% as of this past Sunday. It’s hard to live surrounded by Republicans, she says, so some days she doesn’t even bother with the Cheerios.

It’s been a really shitty week in America, where unarmed African-American men are still getting killed by cops and “concerned citizens”, and where Karens still call for for police backup against people who are being human while black. And let’s not go into the latest evil and idiocy from der Drumpf because it will be outdated and updated by even greater stupidity and corruption by noon.

Let’s take a deep breath, and let’s take a vacation from the USA and think nice thoughts about kitty cats.

Here’s Taffy and Bibs on the neighbor’s backyard patio, having their usual pre-dinner dinner at the house next door:

The neighbors say their cats all have a crush on Taffy.

My county of Nassau in New York State is today beginning its Phase One of opening businesses back up. There are very strict protocols about social distancing and PPE for employees, but certain retail and personal service businesses can open their doors for the first time since March 15. This week, when I drive Top Cat to the train station so he can commute into Manhattan to do his essential work, I’ve noticed that there are more cars out and about– it’s still way below normal traffic, but it’s shocking to me that I don’t have the roads all to myself. I will miss that.

I have a confession. There are a lot of things about mandatory self-quarantine that I will miss when we all go back to normal.

But enough about me.

There’s a doctor named David Young who practices medicine in Chicago, and he got fed up with all the crazy conspiracy theories about COVID that Trump and the Republicans are spewing so he made a satirical Facebook post about his typical day treating patients during this pandemic:

I don’t have to tell you this, but, oh, yeah: Fuck Trump.






















See you on Friday.


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  1. Adrienne

    Love that you’re doing this twice a week. Thank you thank you. ps Whatever happened to your Monet book? I miss the watercolors.

  2. Megan

    Of course the kittens next door have a crush on Taffy! Doesn’t everyone? I must protest about the sheep, having owned sheep they are very intelligent and I don’t think it is a good analogy, poor sheep. Love the cats, they want the house to themselves I swear. The taunting cat is indeed my Clive, although if we have a whole day out now when we get home he just follows up around, Stockholm syndrome? Stay sane thanks for the laughs and let us all hope for a brighter future.

  3. I’d let Taffy and Bibs eat Lizzie’s food any day of the week.

    Well done satire. Someone will probably post it as true.

    I have to say there is much about lockdown I will miss. There are loads of cars again, as you mentioned. And it’s loud — I hear the highway I hadn’t heard in month. Too many people are out and not taking distance or masks. I will miss the pace of it. I know people have to go back to work but I’m not ready to go out in the world for awhile. There’s so much nice at home.

  4. Patricia

    I long for the days when your column was all charming photos and stories about cats. Alas, Trump and his merry band idiots provide so much low hanging fruit needing to be skewered.

    Some day we’ll get back to cat photos and art. Meanwhile, keep your skewer well sharpened.

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