Don’t Let The Past Remind Us Of What We Are Not Now.

In Wednesday’s blog post I told you about the “debate” that the Tennessee state legislature was having about whether or not to keep a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general and the founder and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, in their state capitol building. I told you that the Republicans were against removing the statue, which turns out to be a bust, not a whole statue.

Here’s how the “debate” ended: The bust is going to be kept where it is, in a place of honor (I got the info from the website of WMC, channel 5, in Nashville, TV):

A Republican named Jerry Sexton argued: “It was not against the law to own slaves back then,” he said. “Who knows, maybe some of us will be slaves one of these days. Laws change.”

A separate House bill to end the observance of the annual Nathan Bedford Forrest Day narrowly made it out of committee the same day. It must go before another House committee before it makes it to the floor.


Tennessee has a holiday for this motherfucker?? But hold on, there’s more:

This story was updated at 4:10 p.m. on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, with more information.

NASHVILLE — Tennessee will continue to mark Nathan Bedford Forrest Day on July 13, but under a bill that won final approval from state lawmakers on Wednesday, Gov. Bill Lee will no longer be legally required to sign a proclamation designating the honor for the Confederate general and slave trader.


The governor used to call attention to this holiday by proclamation, as if was something to be proud of?

Hold on, there’s more:

The measure was approved 22-6 by the state Senate despite efforts by Democrats, whose attempts to eliminate the recognition were quashed by GOP senators who passed the bill.

Dear Readers, here’s what we can do about the shithole state of slave-loving Republican fascist Tennessee.

39.9% of the Tennessee’s general revenue comes from the federal government, which makes it a “taker” state of money that comes from our federal taxes. So, when we file tax returns this year, just add a note that you don’t want any of your tax dollars to go to the shithole slave-loving Republican fascist state of Tennessee. Of course it’s only a symbolic protest. But Jesus, can you believe that that’s how grown-ups act in Tennessee?

So that’s the landscape of America these days, even after everything we’ve been through in the past two weeks.

Some days, I just don’t have the energy to be my usual cheerful, friendly, people-pleasing self.

But for you, Dear Readers, I will step into the Way Back machine, to about an hour ago, before I searched for the update on Nathan Bedford Forrest, when I had castles on my mind.

I’ve been promising to show you a new castle that I made out of old books, which I cut up and re-assemble into “art”. This castle doesn’t photograph well, but anyway, here it is:

When I install the castle in a book, I will put a garden in that free space between the supports. Stay tuned.

The colored bits are from the many end papers I collected from books that I had to throw out, back when I co-managed the used book store for our local library:

End papers, those pointless pages between the hard cover and the actual book.

The book store has ben shuttered since March 15, as has our local library. The library can’t re-open in Phase One yet, so it’s just doing curb-side pickups and drop-offs. I have a library book that I took out in February that I should return, so I’ll be making my appointment for that soon.

And that’s my To Do List for today, Friday June 12, 2020. And I’m already exhausted.

But I can gather my strength for one final thought:

Oh, yeah; Fuck Trump.



















This Twitter account is from a guy who has many cats, and he usually photoshops his cats into ridiculous battle scenes, but for this post he tweeted photos of his cats in their beds, which are boxes (because, CATS) with his cat’s courtesy titles written on them.











Have a great weekend, Dear Ones. Maybe, if you have the time, you can write a letter to Tennessee state senate majority leader, Republican Jack Johnson, 11 Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN 37243; email:

You might want to tell him that the Civil War is over, and that the score is Confederates, 0; US 1. And:

And for good measure, Fuck Trump.


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  1. That’s it, I am officially renaming my house Fort Grumpy Old Lady, and if the three other people who live here, who are boys, don’t like it, I will pour them a tall glass of get the fuck over it. That won’t be any additional work, as I am already pouring their milks, they spill milk all over, in a brilliant scheme to seem unable to do absolutely anything for themselves.

    Thanks, as always, for the chat (yes, I consider reading other people’s blogs chatting, I am losing what few social skills I had in quarantine) and the laughs.

  2. Casey

    So much to enjoy here. From now on, I want to call Melanoma Trump “Third Lady”.

    That calico in her Bitch Box is too PERFECT, as if she’s waited her whole life for her close up.

    I love your new castle. It reminds me of Lhasa, Tibet. I want to see that garden your’e going to make.

    WHY why wy wy are morons like Jerry Sexton elected to hold public office? The only consolation is that it’s Tennessee, where I believe the legislators get paid in season passes to the Opry. But jesus, that guy should be easy to beat in the next election, just run that quote, as if slavery could be re-instated by an at of congress. WHAT AN IDIOT.

  3. Rachel Scott

    Vivian….adore your new castle…..The Age of Fable castle….and with color this time. I like the nod to the Asian look. Can’t wait to see the garden. Seems like race would no longer be an issue. I grew up in Alabama and my high school was integrated my senior year…1966! It was done peacefully. The first year I taught, in 1970, in Arkansas, was the first year for that school to be integrated….once again peacefully. How can it be 50 years later, and we are fighting the same battle? I loved seeing you at the protest in Time Square and thankful that you went and got home safely. I would consider going to the ones in Austin, but can’t afford to put Don at risk for covid. We will have to make out votes come in November. I am praying that Biden wins…..I really don’t think I could endure another 4 years of such utter turmoil!! Rachel

  4. Kirra

    Nice castle Vivian! It looks pretty epic and reminded me of the ‘good old days’ when you were mainly dealing with stupid people at the used book store. Those cat boxes are something else, I love the hand written titles, like it was a bit of risk to get in there and write them.

    Sorry to hear about the shithead in Tennessee, don’t worry our Prime Minister is equally embarrassing and horrible. He just said something along the lines of ‘…there was no slavery (here in Australia) we don’t need to import problems from the US….’. Even though there is simple to access photos and primary written evidence of how colonizers used Aboriginal people as slaves, as well as the whole point of the colony – to send convicts from Britain to work in terrible conditions for nothing because they stole a loaf of bread or a few pounds. Both our leaders are assholes!

  5. I’m with Citizen Reader — Fat Grumpy Old Lady is wonderful!

    Love the new castle with its Asian vibe. Hope you have enough books to keep you going. I’m sure I can find some to send you if you start running low. The roof looks tricky — well done! Can’t wait to see the garden.

    As for TN — don’t start me. I know there are lovely people in TN, but it’s pretty clear none of them are in the legislature.

  6. Barbara D

    That’s a glorious castle Vivian. And when the landscaping is complete it will be mucho gloriouso.

    Wednesday and Friday are my favorite cheerful days of the week now. Those days I do most of my laughing. Thank you!

    Can’t wait for the day when we can go thru one whole day without our brains exploding with the latest crazy from “he who shall not be named”.

  7. Nice castle! I can’t wait to see it with the garden!

    The whole Forrest thing is appalling, of course, particularly given how recently that bust was erected in the capital. Tennessee is a backward-ass state. There, I’ve said it.

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