Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Did everyone have a good weekend?

I know I did.

But Trump and his goober-faced, pin-headed, slack-jawed supporters…not so much.

Maybe you’ve heard how a band of teenagers pranked the Tulsa rally by reserving thousands of seats in the Bank of Oklahoma center (capacity 19,000) that they never intended to use?

And how Trump bragged that he had a million people requesting tickets, so many people that they had to set up an outdoor arena for “the overflow”?



And did you hear that this humiliation for Trump and spawn was another way that K-pop stans ( along with Tik Tok teens) mobilized themselves into action against a fascist/Republican target?


(You remember BTS, my 7 Korean husbands, right?)


Left to right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope.

(They’ve just released their Japanese album, and they will be on the cover of Vogue Japan next month:)

BTS alone isn’t K-pop. There is a lot to choose from once you get into it — I have 42 K-pop artists on my playlists. But BTS are the Kings of K-pop, FYI.

So a lot of people in the media are scrambling to find out what this “K-pop” thing is, and their first assumption is that it’s a genre of music that appeals to 12-year old girls. I’m not going to dump on whatever it is that 12-year old girls are into these days, because 12-year old girls are powerful creatures who love fiercely so don’t try to minimize them, but most K-pop fans are not 12-year old girls, OK?

You might not like AOC, but she gets it:

In response to AOC’s tweet, DeAnna Lorraine tweeted this:

DeAnna Lorraine (Republican, of course), who ran for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 12th Congressional District but she lost in the primary on March 3, 2020, obviously doesn’t understand the first thing about K-pop, about politics, or about not tweeting stuff that makes you look exceptionally stupid.

So, any way, the past weekend was almost pure pleasure for me and Top Cat. I checked der Drumpf’s website for more rallies, and all his events this coming week and weekend are on-line with the usual suspects: veterans, evangelicals, old white ladies who wear too much make up and hairstyles from the ’80s.

So, sadly, there are no rallies in the foreseeable future that we need to make sure have plenty of empty seats. So I’ll be taking the weekend off, catching up on Bangtan TV (inside K-pop joke, only mildly funny).

But let’s take a victory lap this once, and remember what a complete shitheel Donald Trump is.







This is what they did to the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia last weekend:












See you Friday! Read all about the adventures of The Stromness Rock!







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  1. Casey

    Vivian, I think your comments were turned off yesterday when I came here. I tried to leave a comment, but couldn’t. glad to see that you’re back.

    What year. Everything is changing, mostly for the better (a popular uprising against police brutality, a popular uprising against Republicans, a popular uprising to throw Donald Trump out of office) and now I’m learning that Korea has the hottest music and music fans in the world. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.

  2. I wonder if the low turnout at the Trump rally wasn’t also due to the fact that even Trump voters are smart enough not to show up in a crowded arena during a viral pandemic! Seriously, it seems to suggest that people are paying attention and not buying into all the right-wing Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

    Conservatives love to hammer on AOC. She scares the heck out of them. (And good for her!)

  3. When I heard the K-Poppers were on the case, I immediately thought of you. I even thought maybe you put them up to it and I will believe that to my dying day!

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