Well Well Well, If It Isn’t Little Miss July…

Can you believe it? Can you believe that 2020 is half over? That we have made it this far?? TO THE HALF WAY MARK!! I don’t have much to celebrate these days, but I’m definitely in the mood to celebrate this.

If the first half of 2020 has taught me anything, and I doubt that it has, it’s that you have to think ahead.

I’m not at all gifted when it comes to thinking ahead.

For example, I went on record, here in this blog, in February, pooh-poohing any need for panic or urgency about this COVID-thing. Then we went into mandatory self-quarantine on March 15, and I didn’t run out and grab as much toilet paper as I could jam into my Costco cart, I didn’t buy a 6-month supply of canned goods, and I didn’t get me as much black-market hand sanitizer as I cold score on the dark web. I did get a few cases of wine and a six-pack of liter-sized Grey Gooses, but that’s what I do every Monday.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have bought some dumbbells. Although I miss my gym, I’ve been able to do a work-around with a new fitness routine while I’m at home, except for weight training. So my first Second Half of 2020 purchase will be some hand weights so I can keep wearing short-sleeve shirts for now and the foreseeable future (sleeveless shirts were ruled out, forever, some time around my 52nd birthday).

My first Second Half of 2020 self-improvement project will be to finish re-doing the stairs. Last November I stripped 5 layers of paint off of our 100-year-old staircase in the living room, and it took a week and I got down to bare wood on the treads. I knew I was going to wait until warm weather to open all the windows and do the sanding before I refinished the old wood and re-apited the risers and the trim, but I’ve been putting it off because I’m so used to doing nothing in self-quarantine that I just haven’t found the time to do anything useful. But my Second Half of 2020 goal is to get the stairs done by the end of this month, or at least by Fall. Certainly by Halloween.

And then I’ll call it a year.

Anybody else got big plans for the Second Half of 2020? Anybody else taking this exciting opportunity of the six-month mark to Start Over?

OK, I might be getting all Self Helpy and Living My Best Life (fingers crossed), but I still find these memes funny (because 2020 is, really, no joke):








I look forward to the end of 2020, but I warn you. Don’t think too far into the future:

And, as always: Fuck Trump.






I got no thoughts or prayers for this guy:


































Have a great weekend, everyone. Top Cat and I have bought ourselves the fancy face masks, the ones that have the front seam in the center so it doesn’t smash up against your face, you know those ones? I highly recommend them. I can’t believe that I’m excited about this, but this is where we are in July 2020.

Stay safe, stay weird, stay you.












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