We pledge: No more tears on our land In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign

So we’ve lost Hong Kong, Dear Readers. The valiant pro-Democracy protestors worked and marched and waved American flags and put their lives on the line for so long, and it all came to end on June 30. China now controls the territory and I wanted to take a moment here to note the death of independence in that brave little enclave.

I hope everyone is getting the most out of Summer, or Winter (Hi Kirra!) this year, because lazy, hazy days are the best thing we got going for us at the moment. Me, in between log naps, I’m world-building…but more of that later.

Let us discuss the current state of affairs in America:





























And, oh yeah:

Fuck Trump.







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  1. OK, that little item about George Washington inoculating his troops sent me to Google, because I know the smallpox vaccine wasn’t developed until after the Revolutionary War. Turns out Washington DID order a crude method of inoculation, which basically meant infecting his troops using a method that produced a less serious illness than might otherwise occur. Sounds damn scary!

  2. Casey

    I was laughing at the Disney memes and “fuck all other fish”…and then I got to the tweet about the Catholic church getting a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

    Wait. Hold the fuck up.

    I just spent fifteen minutes reading up and this and it’s true. In fact, the Catholic church could have gotten as much as 3.5 billion of PPP only because of loopholes in the program. Sure, some synagogues and mosques got PPP money too, but the Catholic church is the biggest recipient of funds, over all, hands down.

    Where do I go to march against this?? Who do I hold responsible?? This is outrageous. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Excellent synopsis. Tragic, but accurate. The only thing missing (although touched on by Texas) is our Secretary of Education saying it’s okay for 14,000+ children to die when the schools re-open with no plan.

  4. Kirra

    Hi Vivian! Things aren’t too bad for winter here in Australia, we get sunshine and can still go outside without it being too cold.

    The Catholic Church sucks, they always do this shit. They always have hard core nasty lawyers.

    I agree these memes are great! As a teacher I am horrified and saddened to see how school staff and students are being treated in the US in regards to the next school year. It’s so scary and risky to be going back to ‘normal’ school with the amount of cases in the US.

  5. Kirra

    It’s also sad about the new laws against democracy in Hong Kong. British colonialism still screwing countries…..

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