I Have Too Much Imagination.



Here are some pictures of the late, great Lickety to save my spot for Friday.

As of yesterday I have a wicked stress fracture of my tibia (shin bone) and IT HURTS.

IT HURTS because I am an idiot who thought that the discomfort was all in my head, so I kept running for a week or two until yesterday when the pain decided to prove how real it was and chomped down like a T Rex and I went to urgent care.

Now I have to keep my splintered  leg elevated, which I can’t do at a desk, and it hurts too much to sit upright like a normal bi-ped with my feet on the ground because I am an idiot.

So, Dear Readers, until Friday, keep a lid on your sanity while Trump deploys the Federal Stormtroopers to a city near you.

Jesus Christ.

Fuck Trump.




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  1. Barb

    I didn’t mean to exclude Taffy who is also blessed and an earth angel. How is Top Cat dealing with your stress fracture?

  2. Alex

    So, one of my neighbors (and close friend of my mother’s) needs life-saving cardiac treatments regularly and can get them only in Portland (a 5-hour drive from here). After waiting months to get scheduled (due to the fucked-up health care “system” in this benighted country), they finally got an appointment for this past Monday, July 20.

    They were getting set to head out at 4:00am in order to get there in time when they got a call from the doctor saying the riots had led to burning buildings next to his clinic, and they had to postpone. My neighbor was distraught. She’s never in great shape at the best of times, and has been clinging day by day to the hope that the treatment provides, and this nearly destroyed her. Why did this happen? Because fucking Trump sent his fucking stormtroopers in that night. I was beyond outraged.

    My neighbor and her sister did head out again this morning, re-scheduled for treatment today, and God I hope they made it all right, and were able to get to the clinic. It’s not just the mass insanity of the whole thing, it’s these individual human stories that make my blood boil. That bastard should be behind bars.

    Non-sequitur: sorry about your injury! Please feel better soon. Be thankful you don’t need life-saving treatment in Der Drumpf’s Amerika.

  3. Adrienne

    So sorry about your break. Sadly, I can relate… A CT scan of my foot in June showed multiple breaks and I am in a boot through the end of August. Dr said “it should heal but will take a very long time”. So much for summer. Hope you heal more quickly than me.

  4. Very sorry to hear that! I hope your healing goes fast, and you are up to snark very soon. If I could think of a bright side for you I would mention it (insert ironic Pollyanna remark here).

    best to you… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. Of course it hurts like hell. And yes, keep that leg up! Above the heart! (Rick didn’t and got blood clots — but he had a reason — a) no one told him to and b) we had to travel 13 hours home by car.) Trust me on this — behave!

    I loved seeing Lickety again. Please heal soon…

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