Congratulations. We Made It To Friday.

And no kidding, this should be the anthem for 2020 (made in quarantine).


What a week. On Monday morning I had another session with my dentist, and everything went downhill from there. From now on, I’m only seeing my dentist on Friday because Fridays are so excellent that nothing can spoil them.

Thank you all for your concern about my self-inflicted bone fracture. What a surprise: the orthopedist told me to stay off my feet and Lo, I did, and Lo, I have very little pain. Just a lot of annoyance, but that’s how most of us feel these days.

People of Portland, Oregon, I Salute You. When Trump sent in the stormtroopers I never thought it would unleash the fury of white people in the suburbs but Lo, there they are, putting their bodies in the line of fire for you and me.

Portland, Oregon makes me proud to be an American.

Gosh. I haven’t felt that way for a long, long time.

So let’s get to the news portion of this blog and see what else has been happening during the destruction of democracy:










































Let’s change the mood a bit and remember that there are still small places in this world where we meet heart-to-heart and things go right.

This is from a series of photos about Men Who Did Not Want A Pet, No, No Way, No How:

















So let’s all have a great weekend, Dear Ones. I hope you can make a small space for yourself in this horrible world to hear a good purr.

And, oh yeah…

…Fuck Trump.










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  1. Megan

    Bloody Brilliant blogpost today. I was so sorry to hear about your stress fracture, I spent three days trying to comment without success then I couldn’t load todays post… then the clouds parted. I hope you continue to improve and are back to fighting (running) fit soon. Love the Dad’s and their pets. I was very disheartened to hear about the ‘secret police’ roaming around and dragging people off the streets. There must be an end to this soon, this is clearly a world gone stark raving crazy.

  2. Kirra

    Sorry about your injury Vivian, good to hear it’s feeling better after rest. Sorry you had the dentist this week too!
    It’s totally insane what is happening in the US now (and we think you can be classified as generally a bit crazy with your gun laws in general). The wall of mums was good to see, even though they got gassed. Fight on people of America! We’re cheering for you.

    We are getting very concerned in Australia with our daily increase mainly in Victoria of around 300…..I find it hard to imagine what it is like in countries that are bad……as a teacher I think I’d be very stressed and totally freaked out about the coming school year if I was in the US or UK. We are very lucky our large island took it seriously, and also that our state governments are able to close the borders to other states and make their own rules (are you allowed to do that in the US, can the state governments close borders?).

    I follow The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Facebook, which is my daily dose of cute animals! Now my goal is to go and visit in person one day soon. Still want to get a pet (cat or dog) but have to convince my partner, who would probably turn out like one of these men, he’s just in denial at the moment.

  3. Maryanne in SC

    OMG, the Dads & Pets set of images was wonderful.

    Reminds me exactly of my neighbor who was full-on “No more cats, never again, oh, the heartache” until a feral tabby boi strutted up to him last winter.

    Within a week, Dale had constructed a heated mid-century modern cat shelter (with a sheet cake pan for the slanted roof) at his back door.

    Thanks for these, Vivian.

  4. OK, you always make me smile. Coming from Portland, Or. where we don’t want his minions on our streets. We were so much better off before he sent them in. He is only here to show his constituents that he is for “law and order”. He should be impeached for illegally starting a civil war. That is what he is doing, right?!!!!
    Loved the pets with their dad’s.
    Happy week!

  5. Loved each and every one of these. And the Dads and pets… perfection. (Especially yours!)

    Love the Portland moms but the Portland dads with the leaf blowers — that took ingenuity!

    Learning today about some Congressman jerk from TX who got Covid and hadn’t been wearing a mask (how you do like them eggrolls, Mr. Goldstone — and you won’t get that reference unless you know the musical Gypsy, after whom the Marmelade Gypsy was named.) And Herman Cain today. Hitting a little closer to Donny’s midst. Keep breathing on him, folks.

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