I Only Hate 99% of Country Music.


This was on my Twitter feed this morning:

I can relate.

I thought about putting out a Black Lives Matter yard sign, but I was sure it would be yanked out during the night. Although my county of Nassau of the Isle of Long is fairly evenly split Democrat/Republican, there are some rednecks living in the streets that fan out to the east of our enclave.

To be fair, I don’t know that they are rednecks for sure, I’m just going by the number of junk cars that they keep in their driveways.

Any way, I decided against putting out a lawn sign. Instead, I bought a big Black Lives Matter flag and I hung it out on the front of my house. This is the part of the house that is barricaded by a 4-foot tall fieldstone wall so I’m pretty sure my flag is safe from the neighbors.

For years, the redneck who lives two streets away from me has hoisted a Don’t Tread on Me flag in his front yard. That’s the famous Gadsden flag adopted by Tea Party and Second Amendment gun-rightists as an emblem of their anti-government hysteria.

Last week Top Cat was strolling past the house and he sent me this photo:

Yeah. Not the brightest people.

This week, Trump has given  billion dollars to Kodak, a failed film maker, to “work on coronavirus”. He tweeted support for a doctor who endorsed his fake Hydroxychloroquine “cure” for COVID while also preaching that witchcraft causes illness and alien DNA is the result of demon sperm. He announced that he was throwing out the first pitch at a New York Yankees baseball game, much to the surprise to the New York Yankees who had not invited him to do so — Trump was in a snit because Dr. Fauci, the head of the Center for Disease Control had thrown the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game. And the Republicans think that minimum-wage workers are being lazy so they want to stop giving out-of-work Americans any more money during **checks notes** a deadly pandemic and the worst economic downturn in a century.

So, just another week in the shit storm:

























And, oh yeah, before I forget:

Fuck Trump.









See you all back here on Friday!


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  1. Casey

    Good laughs today. I love the one with Trump have zero days without being a national and international embarrassment. I hope that when the Democrats win back the Senate that they get some balls and prosecute the whole Trump family and Barr.

  2. Kirra

    He is such a nutcase! Those photos from Portland of people being dragged away are scary. I wanted to put up a BLM sign at my house but we live n a city street and don’t want to be vandalised by idiots so I haven’t. Good to hear you’ve got yours up behind the fence!

  3. I love the thing about Obama holding his breath. Awesome!

    Those flags at the top are truly perplexing. Are they warning that we must vote Trump OR we’ll wind up communist? Or are they truly so confused they don’t know what that red flag means?

    Reminds me of the right-wingers who conflate Nazis and socialism. Just because Nazis used the words “socialist” and “workers” in the name of their party doesn’t mean they were socialists and not fascists.

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