One Of Those Days



Good morning, everyone.

Tropical storm Isaias hit Long Island very hard on Tuesday afternoon shortly before 1 o’clock, when we lost power. After 30 hours, we got electricity back at 7 PM on Wednesday. I immediately posted a notice on this here blog that Wednesday was a washout here in VivianWorld, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck. Oh well.

126,000 homes in the area still do not have power. I will update you about the damage in my neighborhood on Friday’s post.

FYI: It’s raining again, and power has already gone out once so the juice is unreliable still, but I’ll do the best I can.

Here is an incomplete post of what I had planned to bring you for Wednesday. Please enjoy, while I put together my week-end Fuck Trumpery.




























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  1. Kirra

    Sorry to hear about the storm Vivian! Good to hear you are all okay at your house. Once again a great selection that made me laugh out loud.
    (I heard on the radio news this morning that one of the top US security people have said that Russia/China/Iran are trying to undermine people’s faith in the democracy in order to cause chaos or sabotage your election, it’s a pretty scary concept for democracies around the world to think about….)

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